Sunday, June 28, 2015

Traumatized Tim

The Giants tandem of very special catchers flexed their muscles yesterday on the way to a 7-5 comeback win over Colorado.  Buster Posey, looking real comfortable at 1B, did a typical Buster thing with a huge 2 run double in the third to tie the game.  But rather more surprising is the emergence of Buster's "back up",  Andrew Susac.  Susac continued his current 8 game hit streak with a single in the first and a game-winning 3 run double in the seventh, following an intentional pass to Posey, to finish 2-for-4.  This type of production from the bench is bloody beautiful, especially with all the annoying injuries.  If Susac keeps this up, he may not be considered "bench" much longer.

Now on to the bad stuff, i.e. Tim Lincecum. That was Tim's second shortest appearance ever; with the all time shortest being his last time out. Not a good trend for sure, but do trends really matter with Tim anymore?  Of course, this time we get to blame a line drive off Tim's pitching arm for the early departure.  But do we really?  That well hit ball was pretty much the end of Tim's day in any case, he was getting smacked around (1.2 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs, 2 walks). He was lucky to get an out at the plate on that liner off his arm.  The injury (luckily no break but a day to day bruise thing) got him out of the game (Thank Willie! We needed this win) and it made the decision for his "use" so very much easier.  Time off, maybe even a DL stint, and then the decision on the permanent disposal of Tim Lincecum begins.

Yuck, that did not sound good.  I need a better phrase for that.  Anyway....MADBUM today!!  Speaking of aces, did you see that Kershaw lost three starts in a row for the first time ever in his career?  Doesn't that perk you up?


M.C. O'Connor said...

20 IP, 10 R, 28 K, 3 BB in those losses for Kershaw. MadBum has 23 IP, 5 R, 30 K and 5 BB over his last three starts (0-2, 1 ND, 3 team losses). Just goes to show what a stupid thing it is to assign 'wins' and 'losses' to one individual in a TEAM game.

And the TEAM stepped up yesterday, that's for sure. The squad is just a little thin these days. Nice to see Susac finding his stroke. The more time Buster spends at first the longer his career lasts. Can't say enough about the emergence of Matt Duffy, either.

Alas, Timmy and the Giants have found their temporary reprieve from the looming roster crunch. I really think he needs to go to AAA and re-work his mechanics--I wonder if that is possible.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Nice work from MadBum today. And the HR was ridiculous. He really is something special. Arenado was a beast for Colorado but that was all they had. Giants flashed some serious pop from Duffy and BCraw and some serious VSC from Buster. And it is sure nice to see Blanco plucking outs from the air over and over again. Such an unheralded but valuable player. Great game, for sure. And to finally have a good homestand is even better. And they beat an annoying nemesis and corrected that imbalance in the universe.

carmot said...

Hey M.C., I'm with you! Oh don't even get me started... I still get into conversations where somebody will bring up Cain's career W-L record. Seriously?! Did they not watch our Giants NOT put up runs? Doh.

To me, it's much like when people simply want to move Buster from behind home plate. For offense? What about the incredible value of his handling the pitchers? I don't think it a coincidence that Buster & Yadier have combined to win 4 of the past 5 WS titles. Okay, AJ with CHW might've been the exception to prove the rule. Ick.

Or people wanna get on Crawford's case when his career batting average suffers from mostly hitting in the 8th spot? My goodness. There are other factors at work. lol.

On to a happier topic. Yup, Duffman! Oh, that Duffy, Panik, Susac, and Posey are carrying so much of our offense right now. (Oh, and Bum! Can't forget Mad Bum!). Incredible. If these young ones can continue, what a boon! Being able to have some new cost-control. And probably an inexpensive Aoki for 2016 as well. It can really help us re-allocate funds to... maybe... Just maybe... Dream big. Cheers.

Brother Bob said...

It blows my mind that MATT DUFFY is hitting in the 3 spot for the world champions. And doing a damn fine job of it.

carmot said...

Giants are 7-4 in their last 11 games. During this span:

- Duffy leads the team with 16 hits.
- Duffy is tied for the team lead with 6 extra-base hits.
- Duffy is tied for the team lead with 2 home runs.


nomisnala said...

I always here how bad the giants prospects are. But then they bring up
Duffy, Panik, and Susak. How under rated is the giants farm system.
Duffy can hit for average, power, field his position, and has a decent
amount of speed. Yet he hasn't even gained his adult muscle weight.

carmot said...

Hey, nala(isyourname?). Is it weird that I'm excited for our future bullpen? lol.

We've got heaps of arms in waiting. And I *always* hold confidence that the Brain Trust knows bullpen talent. Look what we gotten from their stellar decisions in the past. Long list. And with so many to choose from, I expect ours to be fantastic- and maybe completely homegrown by 2017.

You know we've got two pitchers that have a 0.00 ERA in all three World Series titles combined? YUP. One was signed after basically being waived/released (thanks Billy!). The other is a 28th round draft pick.

Santiago Casilla and Sergio Romo. That's what's up.

El said...

How under rated is the giants farm system.

That would be #1 in MLB sir!

No other team has even close to (w/Susac) 5 homegrown infielders who are above average to excellent on both sides of the ball.

Gotta go back to the Cey, Lopes, Scosia, Garvey, you-know-whos of the 70s for the last comp.

Brother Bob said...

Here's Chris Stratton's line from yesterday's 10th inning loss:

8 5 0 0 0 6 1.65
Not bad.

nomisnala said...

It will be exciting if Chris Stratton has finally figured it out. Up
until recently he had been a disappointment, with draft potential having
him a potential shoe in for a number 3 starter. I have my fingers crossed
that he will continue to improve and possibly make it allowable to make
some serious changes in our starting rotation in 2016. Bummy, Cain, Heston,
Stratton, and ? Of interest Vogelsong is throwing just as hard now as when
we picked him up off of the scrap heap.

Ron said...

Bye, bye Casey - Phase 2. This time it looks like it's for good. Too bad that it didn't work out, & it was definitely worth the try. Ehire Adrianza is back, probably for his last chance to make something of his Giants' career. I can't see him getting a lot of playing time, so it may just be an audition, so that they can include him in some July move for veteran depth.

We had a great time with Zo & Akemi - they are up in Olympic National Park now. It's way too hot up here in the Northwest lately, but, at least, they're in a cooler part. Giants went 2-0 during their visit with us - these 'advanced metrics' are important.