Thursday, June 25, 2015

Great Day at the Yard

To be more precise, today was a great day if you forget about the top half of the 8th inning. Excellent start by Chris Heston and 19 hits (four triples!) and 13 runs by the hitters. Core Three-Fourths™ Affeldt, Lopez, and Romo inhabited an alternate reality for eleven batters in that very half inning, and that was unsettling, but I can't allow that to spoil the fun. The Giants responded to that six-run episode with four of their own, and that's big boy pants stuff to be sure. Kudos to Hest-o who did his version of Vogie's pry-this-rotation-spot-from-my-bloodied-corpse act, a tough one to follow, but he did so superbly.

I asked for more run scoring at home and by golly they delivered. I asked for consistency from the starters and wouldn't y'know they lay out a string of studly innings. I have to like that.




Zo said...

First game in which the Giants hit 4 triples since 1960, when Willie Mays hit 3 of them in Philadelphia. First home game for the Giants to hit 4 triples since 1924.

nomisnala said...

As soon as he brought Affeldt out, I got a pit in my stomach. Bochy does believe in torture. Got to love our three shortstop combo, of Crawford, Duffy and Panik. They had scutaro, Freddie SAnchez and Pablo Sandoval to follow, and they are kicking butt. As far as Romo goes, only one of the hits off of him was on solid contact. Outfield played deep, and these bloop flies killed him. Heston and Vogie wanted to secure their spots in the rotation. In Colorado, DelaRosa, faced DelaRosa, and neither of them got the decision. Giants may not have gained ground on the bums but they did gain ground on the Cubs. Pagan just missed preserving Heston's shutout. Not sure if he could have played Kemp's homer better. It hit the top of the fence and bounced over. I hope the team will continue to hit. It is my hope that Cain will be an improvement. I have my questions about Peavy.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Good news, Affeldt has finally been DLed, with a shoulder problem. He hasn't been himself all season and now he gets the chance to get well and fix whatever ails him, and hopefully he can return by post-season and continue his shutout streak of games.

Broadway back to replace him.

Ishikawa said that Cain and Peavy looks as good as he remembers when they were good, so I'm hopeful that both can help trigger a good run of good pitching for us. Bumgarner, Vogelsong, and Heston has been pretty good over all, up to our standards of 2009-2013.

I am still guessing that Hudson DL is the first move when one of the returns, and when both are back, Lincecum to bullpen and, for now, probably Broadway returned to AAA to open 25-man space.

And I'm sad, there are still people thinking the Giants are lucky, but they are left to asking "then explain how they were not in the playoffs in-between?" and "they can't develop OF". Mac Williamson just got promoted to AAA, so I think that one will get removed soon enough, and I still have hopes of winning it all this season.

Brother Bob said...

The full name of our new River Cat is Johnathan Mackensey Williamson. Since he spells his first name wrong it's best he uses his middle name, or at least part of it.
He appears to be cut from the same mold as Hunter Strickland, a huge and impossibly handsome man.

JC Parsons said...

Sounds like somebody has a crush...ooooo! Hey, I used your title today, no credit for you of course. Thanks

Brother Bob said...

Yer welcome