Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vogelsong and Posey Lead Giants

Buster Posey gets his second grand slam in a week and Ryan Vogelsong looks sharp again and the Giants beat the Padres 6-0, the 12th team shutout, best in the majors. I whined about the Giants not scoring enough at home and the starters not being consistent enough and sure enough the Giants score a bunch and Vogie lays down a string of zeroes and they get a big win. It's a day game tomorrow, 12:45 start. Chris Heston gets the call.



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obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Vogelsong has been our most consistent starter not named Madison for a long while now, around 10+ starts, so it would not have been hard to call this one. Now, hopefully Heston, Hudson, and Lincecum can get some things going good.

And that's only one game for the offense, and most of it was driven by Buster's grand salami, else it's a 2-0 game...

Encouraging first start audition for Susac, though, I would point out his performance.