Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wilted Tim

The Giants once again can not quite complete the sweep as the Mets rallied for a rather ugly walk-off  victory, 5-4.  It was a tight, entertaining game that featured a couple lead changes, however most of the key moments were focused around some pretty shoddy play.  A Duffy error was a big contributor to the first Met comeback. Later, we took back the lead after a two out error gave Brandon Crawford a chance to hit a totally clutch homer.  And, finally, the winning run was put on by being hit by a pitch on an 0-2 count and then moved along with a passed ball.  Exciting, yes.  Well played, not exactly.

Speaking of not well played...Tim Lincecum had another quite unremarkable and uninspired performance. 4.2 innings, 4 hits, 2 earned runs, 3 walks and 5 strikeouts.  Just a generally "un" type of night.  He started very strong but when Duffy failed to turn a double play in the fourth, it all unravelled. He threw over thirty pitches, lost a two run lead, and looked like a steamed rutabaga when he was done.  I'm talking bright red and sweat pouring down his face. I would have considered a new pitcher to start the fifth, but Bochy left he in even after the pitcher crushed a double. Three batters later, we were behind and Tim was finally yanked. Tim definitely pitched poorly but he got no defensive or managerial help either.

Speaking of not well played (part 2)... I was just talking about how great Strickland is, so, of course, he came in and gave up three quick hits.  I totally feel responsible for that blown save.  However, it took a very weak job by Romo to actually lose this one.  He blows them in bunches, so watch out for the next couple appearances.

Do we actually fly all the way home for a night game tomorrow? Ouch, that's a long trip.  Oh well, good thing it is MadBum.  

Orange Friday (and the LAST DAY OF MY WORK YEAR!!), so WOOHOO!!



Ron said...

On a happier note, yesterday, I bought some nice tickets for Leon & I to see MadBum face Felix Hernandez in a big match-up at Safeco Field next Wednesday! We'll be in the 2nd deck, just above the Giants' dugout. The last time that I saw the Giants in Seattle (2012), it was also MadBum v. Felix Hernandez - they both pitched spectacularly, but neither got a decision ( The game ended poorly for the Giants, but the 2012 season didn't, did it?

We're also going to the Thursday game, which, at this time, looks like Vogelsong v. some new guy called Montgomery.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Timmy was spotting the fastball and mowing 'em down and all of a sudden POOF it was gone. Crazy, I guess it was the error as you say. Strickland is not giving up the big bombs, that's the key for him. Everybody is going to get hit, that's baseball, he needs to keep it in the park, and so far so good. I like what I see.

Happy summer, man. I can dig it.

Zo said...

An untimely GIDP by Maxwell after Goeddel walked Pagan and hit Buster with a pitch in the 8th did not help. On May 20, Tim walked off of the mound after 7 innings, no runs vs LA and a 2.08 That was his 8th start. In his 4 starts since then, he has given up 15 runs, including 5 home runs. One of his runs from yesterday was not earned. That's a 6.30 era in 20 innings, up from a 2.08 era in 47.2 innings. A good start can knock down that recent era number because it is only 20 innings, but still, 4 starts has to be considered more than just a blip. His IP could use a bit of an uptick, as well. At least his next start will be at home (Tuesday vs Seattle) so it is not going to be 91 degrees.