Wednesday, June 24, 2015

K K K K K K K K K K K K K K shit

Madison Bumgarner spotted the Giants nearly 5 innings last night, and they still couldn't get a win.  At least they got a couple of runs, which I guess you can say is directionally correct for his starts.  Those runs, though, were the product of a dribbler (to be kind) off of Gregor Blanco's bat in the 5th inning, scoring Matt Duffy.   The ball died as a productive swinging bunt and San Diego's pitcher, Odrisamir Despaigne, couldn't pick up the ball.  Gregor was fast enough to get to first, and then score on a Joe Panik double.  Were it not for the misplay (ruled a hit) it probably would have been 0 runs.  Again.  In 11 innings, the Giants could score no more and Hunter Strickland gave up a 3rd run to San Diego.

Madbum: 14 K, which ties a San Francisco Giants record, previously set by Atlee Hamacker.  Also 2 earned runs, 7.1 IP, 5 hits, 1 BB.  Those hits came together in the 7th for San Diego's 2 runs.
Despaigne looked pretty  good, but only lasted 5 innings.  I am not sure why he was pulled, but San Diego seemed to have plenty of relief pitching.  In his 5, he gave up 5 hits, 2 runs, walked 2 and struck out 2.

These losses, at home and against our division rivals, are galling.  I'm sure they are wearing on the team.  I may have to leave town myself to turn things around.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Man, he has been impressive! Too bad the team is giving him the Cain treatment. Dodgers lost, so the Giants didn't lose any ground. I figured SD would be improved and would elbow themselves into the race. Bring it on, I say! The Giants will turn it around and start winning at home, that I've no doubt about.

Strickland left too many balls in the zone, but he's not giving up the big fly and looks like he has a much-improved repertoire. Shit's gonna happen--all pitchers are going to get tagged now and then. This loss is on the lineup, though. They needed to score some damn runs.

Aoki has a broken fibula! Damn, he's been a great addition to the team. They say two weeks at least.

Romo is apparently day-to-day.

JC Parsons said...

That guy sure owns us. I guess he has a big time change up, which seems to be something we have a weakness for. Of course, Kimbrel struck out the side with heat. So I guess we just can't hit at home....which makes not so much sense. Is there a reason, or is it just sample size magic? Right now, I would not be too happy about having any home game tickets. We look like a different team. I want answers! Make them up if you have to!

Yes, Zo. Leave town immediately. I recommend you head north. I wish we were not quite so busy so we could join you guys. Maybe the next losing streak that you cause will fit our schedule better. Have fun!

Ron said...

How sick is everyone else of Will Venable? Doesn't he have any respect for his Dad's first Team? I'm sure that we all saw him as a little Kid running around the field at Candlestick Park during Father-Kid Days & thought that he was kind of cute. That he is Mario Mendoza against the rest of the League & Ron Cey against the Giants isn't cute at all. Maybe, we should just pick him up in a deal. He probably wouldn't hit for us, but at least we could stash him in the Minors & never have to face him.

carmot said...

I want answers! Make them up if you have to!

Uhhh. During our recent 8W-14L skid from May 30th... We have six players who combined for:
336 PA, 27 R/33 RBI, 23 BB/78 SO. .195/.256/.316/.572, .256 wOBA.

In descending order:
Arias .231 avg, Crawford .218 avg, Belt .200, Maxwell .184, Pagan .181, Parker .111.

We've just lost Aoki who was .307/.350/.320/.670 during this stretch.
Meanwhile, can we expect Blanco & McGehee to continue their trend here?
51 PA combined, 8 BB/10 SO, .302/.412/.349/.761, .364 wOBA.

What's it tell us that Crawford & Belt combined for 3 SB/0 CS
-- 1 SB/2 CS Blanco
-- 1 SB/1 CS Aoki
-- 0 SB/1 CS Maxwell

Put all this stuff together, Giants went 8-14 from 5/30 thru 6/23, including losing 10 of 11 at home. That includes scoring a total of only 25 runs in those 11 home games = 2.3 runs/game average. Doesn't much matter how lackluster or brilliant our pitching is when we don't score runs. We can't win all our non-October games with "Runs Thrown In." 387 combined PA from 8 players... Basically everybody not named Panik, Duffy, Posey (or Aoki): 387 PA, 31 R/38 RBI, .209/.276/.320/.596, .270 wOBA.

carmot said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention Andrew Susac- much like Bochy "forgot" about him last night when he pinch hit both Arias and McGehee late in a tight game? Susac has been stellar in his part-time role: 28 PA, 2 2B, 4 R/1 RBI, 4BB/6 SO, .333/.429/.417/.845, .380 wOBA. Cheers.

Zo said...

I think Carmot has hit the nail on the head. Posey, Panik and Duffy (and Aoki) have been carrying the team offense. Belt and Crawford and Pagan have been slumping, and without Pence, the Giants need to avoid multiple players slumping at once. If these guys can hit better (and you know they will) it will cure a load of problems. But I can understand holding Susac, your spare catcher. You don't know how long that game is going to go on. Blanco looks rejuvenated, but you can't expect him or Maxwell to be your offensive lynch pins. Still, knowing where the slump lies doesn't make it any less frustrating.