Sunday, June 7, 2015

Phils Take Finale

The Giants ran out of gas in Philadelphia this afternoon losing the getaway game by a 6-4 score. Ryan Vogelsong had pitched effectively for six innings but couldn't get it done in the 7th and the Phils took advantage of the matchups and avoided the sweep. With two on and two out Bochy went with southpaw Javier Lopez to face lefty Odubel Herrera who was hitting ahead of lefties Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. Ryne Sandberg pinch-hit righty Jeff Francoeur and he roped a double to drive in two and set up the win for the home team. Southpaw Jeremy Affeldt gave up a homer to righty Maikel Franco the next inning to put the icing on the cake. Giants got a run off Jonathan Papelbon in the 9th and had BCraw up with two outs as the go-ahead run but he struck out to end it.

Vogie's start wasn't pretty, but he deserved better. I didn't think they'd walk Francoeur to face Utley even with Lopez on the hill, but I did think they'd work that plate appearance very carefully. Unfortunately he got one up in the zone and Francoeur didn't miss and got his second big hit of the weekend. Two out of three ain't bad, I suppose, especially on the road, but I thought they might get a sweep against the lowly Phils. The Giants cranked out ten hits including four doubles and had a lot of chances (3-for-15 with RISP) but didn't get the back-breaking blow they needed. The Phillies hit two long balls, both solo shots, but the one by Herrera in the 3rd tied the score after the Giants had taken the lead with two in the top of the inning. Rookie Joe Panik upped his average to .316, tenth-best in the NL, with three hits.

The team faces the Mets on Tuesday after an off-day tomorrow. Chris Heston gets the nod.




nomisnala said...

Didn't the giants give up on Franceour because he could not hit?
And why could they not get Uribe out last week? It seems several
folks hit homers in back to back games vs the giants this past week.
A bit of smarter play the gmen may have come out with one or two more
wins in the last week.

Zo said...

I think the key was the inability to score in key situations. In the 5th and the 7th, Giants had 2 runners on with the score tied 3 - 3. In the 5th, it was Aoki and Panik to start the inning, Pagan lined out and Buster GIDP. He does that sometimes. In the 7th, it was Panik and Pagan with 1 out.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, I agree. A big hit with some guys on late in the game and they get a win.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Two first-round picks for the Giants today in the draft, #18 and a compensatory pick for Panda at #31. Draft starts at 7 pm ET.

Ron said...

I'm excited about Phil Bickford - he's a blond Tim Lincecum - he's got both the hair, the goofy wind-up, & nutty delivery! Plus, he seems to be quite good!!!!

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I saw Bickford's photo, a blond Timmy! Add in the smoke, of both types, and they are quite similar.

Also, Suarez look like a lefty Timmy in the photo for the video at this link, I thought, with that back leg kick:

Bad news, Pence could go on DL again....