Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Anniversary Tim

On the sixteenth anniversary of my wedding, the Giants decided to rejoin the living and snapped a horrible nine game home losing streak by whooping the Mariners, 6-2.  Wasn't that a thoughtful gift? My lovely bride and I only caught intermitent updates as we drove back home from our vacation along the Mendocino coast, but the win was just as refreshing as the wonderful Pacific breeze.

Tim Lincecum gave another almost quality performance ( 5.2 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs, 4 bb, 3 so ) but it was backed up by a perfect 10 up and 10 down outing by the bullpen, so he picked up win #7.  Solid work for a #5 starter.  The offensive star was clearly Matt Duffy with 3 hits, including a 2 run homer that gave us our first lead of the entire homestand.  A couple other contributors were McGeHee coming through with a 2 run pinch double and Angel Pagan driving in a run as well.  Those two have been scary bad lately (actually Casey has been terrible from day 1) so it was especially refreshing to see them deliver. 

Maybe not as refreshing as a Pacific breeze...but close.

MadBum vs Felix Hernandez tomorrow in Seattle.  Then another game in Seattle before going to LA. Have we had back to back 2 game series before?  Weird but kinda cool.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim was kicking ass for 5-2/3 but could not get the 18th out. It's like someone flipped a switch. But the 'pen delivered the goods, as you say.

I can still name the starting five of the 1975 Warriors, but haven't had the interest in basketball over the last few decades that I used to have as a youngster. Happy for the W's, though.

Can't believe you want to trade Duffy. For whom? And why? The lineup and defense are in good shape. Sure, Duffy is going to have some growing pains at 3B, but I don't see a hole there. And his bat looks solid. If the teams needs anything, it's another starter. But Cain and/or Peavy are still in the wings. The Giants have shown they can take youngsters and put them in big spots and get big performances from them. Duffy is just one more on the Posey-Bum-Belt-BCraw-Panik continuum!

Ron said...

Well, it sure was nice to get a home win, especially for your Anniversary, Jon & Robyn!

It's hard to believe, as I sit here at my Office desk, but later THIS VERY DAY, Leon & I will be settling into our seats in Section 236, Row 8 (mid-level, sort of behind the Giants' dugout) to watch the big showdown between MadBum & Felix Hernandez. The Mariners are plugging it as 'Our King. Their Ace.', which seems appropriate. I'm hoping that the Giants can continue their road success, although it will be tough, especially because we have to face another FNG tomorrow (Mike Montgomery, who draws the pitching match-up with Vogelsong). We will be in Section 143, Row 24 (a little ways down the left-field line, about where the plates would be in the AT&T bullpens) for that one. Good foul-ball territory for both games, so look for us!

In a funny coincidence, I immediately texted Jeff Shipley to give him shit for booting a foul ball during last Saturday's game. Jeff has Season Tickets just behind the visiting Bullpen mound at AT&T, so he often features on broadcasts. It turned out that it wasn't him booting that foul ball, but we traded a few more texts. Remarkably, he & his Wife, Edna, will be at Thursday's game with Edna's Parents, sitting just a few Sections away from us - they are here for a quick visit with them. Since I never did link up with Jeff at Opening Day (he got out to the Bleachers just after Jim Streeter & I headed up to join everyone at our seats), it will great to see them. If that look-alike hadn't booted that foul ball, I would have never known that they were going to be there.

So, we will all be cheering hard! Go Giants!!!

M.C. O'Connor said...

You guys saw this story I imagine.

Teams hacking into other teams computer data? Wow! To me, this is a story. Industrial espionage!! Way bigger deal than PEDs, man. And maybe now people will realize that statistical analysis is at the forefront of baseball decisions for every organization, not just nerd-talk anymore.

Zo said...

Wow? This is a story about transgressions by owners, not transgressions by players. Therefore: nothing to see here, move along. As to people realizing that statistical analysis.....already a done deal by baseball teams. Sportswriters could care less and this won't change anything.

Unknown said...

At the game & ready for a Giants win!!!!!