Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Lost Weekend

Not the movie with Ray Milland. I mean this weekend in San Francisco at AT&T Park. Although that 1945 film was about an alcoholic and in one scene he experiences the delirium tremens. That was what it was like watching the Giants play against the Diamondbacks today. Heston didn't pitch badly, he just got no help. It's a lost weekend, lads. But now it's over. Fresh start tomorrow.




nomisnala said...

5 double plays. Casey mighty Casey is getting contagioius.
Posey, our superstar, seems to me has rarely been that good
with the bases loaded. Luckily in some manner that there was
an out, otherwise Buster would have ended the game by hitting
into a triple play. McGehee is back and so is April.

Zo said...

Losing to the Pirates is one thing - losing to the dbacks is inexcusable.

Although re. Posey, there was that matter of October 11, 2012 vs Cincinnati..........

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

I love the Giants, but right now, all I care about is that the Warriors won the game to go up 3-2 in the NBA Finals.

And even before that, I haven't been too worried about the Giants, much like last season. The team seems to know how to rise up when necessary, and come back from the brink of disaster. Losing to the D-backs, while not great, not disastrous either. I wish it didn't happen, but they always seem to have our number. It happens.

That's OK as long as we got the Dodger's number, which we have so far this season, I'm not too worried about Arizona battling for anything.

Zo said...

We are 3 - 7 against the snakes and 3 - 6 against the crockies. You simply cannot make a habit of losing to the crappy teams in your own division if you expect to do well.

Brother Bob said...

I'm definitely going to the River Cats game tonight to see Cain pitch. Going with Chuck. An old farts' night out.