Sunday, September 6, 2015

Escape from Colorado

The Giants split the 4 game series today - no torrential rain-outs this time, to finish their visits to Colorado for this year.  The place always seems to present some kind of problem.  The Giants won the final, though, by a score of 7 - 4 to put the series with the Roxies at 7 wins and 9 losses.  That's right, we are in danger of losing the season's series against Colorado with 3 games remaining at the very end of the season.  But a win is a win and the Giants showed some offense and picked up number 17 for Madison Bumgarner.

Everyone, except for Juan Perez, got a hit.  Gregor Blanco got a hit and scored a run, Kelby Tomlinson got 2 hits including a double and scored once.  Matt Duffy hit a bases-loaded triple which scored 2 (Brandon Belt was out at the plate), Buster Posey homered and doubled and scored thrice, Marlon Byrd had 4 hits including a double and had an rbi, Brandon Belt had 2 hits and an rbi and Brandon Crawford hit a double for 2 rbi.  The 5th inning was particularly eventful as the Giants batted around and scored 5.  Madison Bumgarner, not to be forgotten, also hit a double.  The home run was Buster's 100th.

Maddy was on the mound, he threw 100 pitches, allowed 4 runs on 9 hits in 6 innings, walked a guy and struck out 3.  He was good, even if not his best and seemed to have an occasional disagreement about the strike zone.  Hunter Strickland threw a very efficient 7th, Lopez and Romo combined for the 8th and Santiago Casilla looked good to finish off the 9th.   All of the pitchers kept Arenado and Gonzalez in the park, which is kind of an achievement.  Arenado did not get a hit, although Gonzalez doubled.  The Rockies had Yohan Flande on the mound, he has pitched in relief and started for Colorado and he was pulled during the Giants romping 5th.  Colorado then proceeded through 7 relief pitchers, some of whom you may have heard of.

A win was imperative.  The Giants got one and now head to Arizona where a decent offense is also a must.  Their backs are still against the wall, which will be true for the rest of the month, if they are lucky.  Joe Panik is due back tomorrow.  They get a day off Thursday.


M.C. O'Connor said...

A win! Two in a row!! It's a streak!!! Let's see 'em win all the rest!!!!

JC Parsons said...

Joe, Jeremy, and Matt all come back in the next couple days. I bet Joe gets the start against a lefty just cuz everyone really needs to see him out there; he doesn't have to do anything super (although did u see that play he made while rehabbing?), he just needs to be Joe. Kelby has been one of the better backups, for sure, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been heartbreaking to be sans Panik (accent on the last syllable).

carmot said...

Yeah! Joe Panik is back! I hope he's really alright, otherwise no reason to rush his return. I just love watching him play baseball. Dude is a quality pro- in every way.

And then there is Timmy to the 60-day to bring up the manager's son. Yeah, right. I remember how much push-back I got from folks last year when I claimed "nepotism." All sorts of responses and attacks about, "he deserves it." Whatever. Quirarte deserved it more, IMO. Blackburn this year. Or Blach, Turner, Black, Trevor Brown, maybe even Carbonell. Law? Okert? Williamson? This year we let guys like Coello and Cordier walk for nothing, I liked their potential more than Brett's. Huh.

I'm terribly critical of this move. Because... I just don't see Brett Bochy as having MLB-caliber reliever "stuff." Plus? Oh... We've got a bazillion long relief options. For this Sept: Hudson, Petit, Cain, Hall... For next season? Petit, Heston, Peavy, Crick... Maybe Vogey... I'd place Brett Bochy about 15th on my depth chart for potential 8th man in the bullpen for 2016. But hey, good for him, he'll make about $78K in additional income that he wouldn't have otherwise.

Zo said...

Minor league ball still had a game Labor Day. Expect more call ups.

Meanwhile, Patrick Corbin? Really?

Brother Bob said...

I shoulda went to the River Cats game last night. Matt Cain threw the final 2 innings, gave up 2 hits and struck out 2, Mac Williamson hit 2 homers and the home team won 11-0 to complete their season @ a meh 71-73.

carmot said...

Hey B Bob. Yeah, final game of the season and all that. But I just don't get it. Where is the sense of purpose and motivation for our true AAA prospects? I mean, there are like 79 guys on that roster, seemingly half of them are over 29. And then? The front office goes and fetches a guy like De Aza to take away a chance at even grabbing a cup o' coffee and a few dozen MLB AB's for a guy like Lollis or Parker.

The way the Giants treat AAA is perplexing to me, to say the least. Is it really about back-filling our depth? Then why do we continually not try those guys? I'm always rooting for guys like Williamson and Blackburn. And sure hope Cain is better in 2016, of course.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Does seem like the Giants stash their best guys at AA and get their main call-ups from there. Maybe they like the league environment or something. It is weird--I don't understand how it all works, but it does seem to work, so I guess I can't complain!