Monday, September 21, 2015


That's all that's left of 2015, my friends. Thirteen ballgames. Three in San Diego, three in Oakland, then home for four with the Dodgers and three with the Rockies. Even if the Giants go 13-0 they will need a little too much help to make the post-season. LA's magic number is seven which means they can play .500 ball in their final fourteen games and still clinch the West. The Cubs are two games better than the Dodgers so the elimination number for the Wild Card is only five.

I'd like to see the Giants finish with a winning month. They are 9-9 in September. And I'd like to see the Giants give their SoCal rivals a little pain and suffering with a solid thumping in that penultimate series. The good guys are 9-6 versus the bad guys this season. In those 15 games they've scored a mere 53 runs and allowed only 48 runs. That's an average score of 3.5 to 3.2 which is some tight baseball, man. If LA is going to clinch in SF at the very least I hope they have to work for it. You know they'll run out the scrubs as soon as they can and rest their starters and I don't want that to happen. I want to see those guys going all out to win, grunting on every pitch and grinding out every at-bat. No early rest or extra off-days for Kershaw and Greinke. Send them to the playoffs already worn out!

I'd like to see Chris Heston have a couple of strong outings. He goes tomorrow against the Padres. I'd like to see Matt Cain get another start. I'd like to see Brandon Crawford find his stroke and start crushing balls all over the place like he did earlier in the season. I'd like to see more good work from the youngsters in the 'pen. I'd like to see our rookie backstops show us what they can do. I'd like to see the guys who are currently healthy stay healthy the rest of the way. No more injuries!

What do you want to see the rest of the way?



p.s. That was nice seeing Buster unload a three-run bomb to ice the game yesterday. Talk about cathartic! And Hudson was impressive. Forty years old and still able to deliver in the major leagues, that's quite an accomplishment.


campanari said...

Yes, Crawford should crush balls, Buster go on enough batting spree to finish with the best BA in the league, and Bum win 20.

Cain and Heston should pitch well enough to make them and us rejoice, but with enough rough spots to keep the Giants' FO from getting too sanguine about having them in the rotation next year. There should be enough alarm to insure that we get a top-notch pitcher plus Leake or a Leake-equivalent in the offseason.

Great bullpen work from our youngsters, who should join Romo, Kontos, and Lopez in next year's pen.

What I want to see in the rest of this season is what will fill me with hope for 2016 and make me ache for the start of ST next Spring. And we should thwack LA thoroughly no matter what team they field, the better the team the better the victories.

Zo said...

I don't want to see LA celebrate in SF, even if that means they are already West champions by the time they get here (which is not at all unlikely). I would like to see Crawford finally hit his 20th, I've pretty much given up on Madison winning 20 (even though he theoretically has 3 starts left) and I think a batting title is a long shot for Buster. Finally, I am not sold on Leake. He was pretty shitty last time out, and has given us 7 innings once.

Brother Bob said...

I want to see strong starting pitching every day. Everyone goes six innings, minimum.
I want to see the Giants Offense, i.e. move the line, no matter what the lineup that day.
I want all the FNGs to have great moments.

nomisnala said...

If the giants went 13-0 according to your schedule with 4 games vs. the bums, we would not need that much help, only two other losses by the bums, although it is highly unlikely, chokes like that have happened in baseball. Need some consecutive losses by Greinke and Kershaw, perhaps twice, which is highly unlikely but once again, it would be amazing. I am trying to see how long I can hold my breath.

nomisnala said...

Buster did win a batting title but it was assisted by the Melkman, who asked the baseball statisticians to disqualify him, although they could have added the AB's to his plate appearances with no more hits, and he could have won the title. I wonder how many double wides Posey had to buy the Melkman for that one.

Brother Bob said...

Well, we got 6 shutout innings from Peavy! A miracle! I got one of my wishes granted.
However the bullpen stank, seemingly every participant adding to the loss.