Saturday, September 19, 2015

Matt Cain Pitched!

It wasn't exactly pretty. Pollock singled and stole second. Inciarte singled him home, then stole second. Goldschmidt walked. That took 21 pitches. Peralta helped him out with a ground ball on the first pitch which forced Goldschmidt. Four pitches later (to Saltalamacchia) Peralta stole second. Then Saltalamacchia struck out. Four pitches later Gosselin struck out. He finished with a flourish, at least.

It was good to see Matty even though the game was not worth watching. It's a long off-season, he ought to have enough time to get healthy for next year. And he'll get a proper Spring Training to "figure things out."

Go Giants!



Russian River said...

I was playing golf with a couple of buddies on Friday when one of them asked if I'd like to go to the game on Saturday (yesterday). After watching the Giants get shutout by the Snakes on Friday night, I thought there would be no way they could get shut out two days in a row. What the hell, I'll go.

I grew up in San Francisco and days like yesterday are simply magical. Crystal clear sunny skies, a light breeze and temps in the low eighties. A great day for baseball except that one team showed up and the other did not.

From the first inning on, we watched a game that I would equate to death by a 1000 paper cuts. We suffered through single after single and an ever increasing Snakes lead. The way the Giants have played against the Snakes at home, this proved to be an insurmountable lead. The G-Men are 1-8 against the Snakes at home this year? Really?

Battling at the plate, clutch hits, great base running, good pitching and defense are how I would like to describe the Giants play, but alas, yesterday they looked like a team that was ready to join me on the golf course.

Highlights? Getting to see both Matt Cain and Brett Bochy pitch. Lunch and beers at the Hi Dive before the game.

Gents, let's finish the season on a high note and get back to your winning ways.
Let's Go Giants!

carmot said...

Seriously? One hit and one walk through four innings?

Against a no-so-special, fly ball pitcher. Day game. Warm day. Huddy has been economical- inducing two GIDP. Of course, now that I just mentioned that... Just watch... [Huddy walks Lamb] (Why can't my jinxes work on opponents instead? LOL). Dang.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Buster saves the day!!

Who else?