Monday, July 15, 2019

Giants slip past Rockies

SF 2  COL 1
Dereck Rodriguez survived some shaky defense and gave the team five strong innings, leading the way to another win at Coors. Brandon Crawford's ridiculous day continued with another homer, this one a solo shot following a solo shot by Stephen Vogt in the 4th. Those two runs were enough. Reyes Moronta, Tony Watson, Sam Dyson (struck out the side!), and Will Smith made those runs stand up. The Giants play two in Denver and allow a total of three runs. That's crazy!

They are now 9-2 in July and have improved to 45-49 on the season.

Drew Pomeranz goes tomorrow at 5:40 Pacific.




nomisnala said...

the giants saved just enough runs to win game two.

M.C. O'Connor said...

List of players in major league history that have a seven-hit game and also an eight-RBI game:

1. Brandon Crawford

End of list.

That's a Baggs tweet.

Zo said...

Brandon Crawford had an 8 rbi game, but a 6 hit day, 5 in the first game, 1 in the second. He had a 9 rbi day. So how many starting pitchers do the Giants have now? 6? And maybe JC by the end of the season? Not a bad spot to be in.

Zo said...

ps. I might go to tomorrow's game. Look for me on tv.

Barbara said...

We are now officially in the hunt for a wild card slot. I suspect the Madbum and Smith will still be traded, but it is getting harder for that to happen without some serious fan blowback.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I expect blowback on ANY trade, especially Bumgarner, regardless of where the team stands. Fans aren't going to be happy and they are sharpening their knives in anticipation. I think it will be a while before FZ gets anything other than skepticism or suspicion. (Personally I'm glad we have him and think he is doing and will continue to do just fine.)

This has been a great stretch for the Giants, they are looking more like a normal team, but I don't consider them a contender. One month of good baseball is not enough. I'm still hoping for a .500 finish, or better yet, 82 wins. At 45-49 that means 37-31 the rest of the way, or a .544 clip. That's a tall order. That means winning months in both August and September (assuming they finish strong in July).

I would love for them to prove me wrong.