Sunday, July 21, 2019


SF 3  NYM 2  (12)
Mike Yastrzemski launched the game-winning homer with one out in the 12th inning and the Giants delivered another thriller for their 100th game of the season. The club is back to .500 with 50 wins and 50 losses.

There are 62 games left with 31 on the road and 31 at home. There are 8 in July (3 at home), 27 in August (14 at home), and 27 in September (14 at home). I'd like to see them finish above .500 and that would require a 32-30 (.516) record for the rest of the season. I think that is something they can pull off, don't you?

It was an impressive debut for two new Giants. Rookie starter Conner Menez went five innings, throwing 84 pitches to 19 batters. He surrendered two solo shots in the 2nd, but only one other hit, and he whiffed six, allowing just the two runs. Rookie third baseman Zach Green had a hit in his first plate appearance, part of three in the 2nd that led to the team's first run. He also hit a double his next time up, notching an RBI and tying up the game in the 4th. As fun as it is to have the youngsters getting their shots, I get the feeling that guys with options (both have three remaining) are going to shuttle up and down as the team needs them. Unless of course they play spectacularly and force them to move someone else! Regardless of whether or not the Giants are active at the trade deadline I expect the roster will continue to be fluid.

The Giants bullpen threw five hitless innings after Menez departed, using the A-team of Moronta, Watson, Dyson, & Smith for regulation and Mark Melancon for two in extras (he gave up a hit in the 11th). Trevor Gott handled the 12th, and the Giants finally broke through in the bottom half. What a crazy series--three extra-inning games and three walk-off wins!

Fifty victories puts the Giants ahead of 12 of the 30 ML teams, six in the NL (COL, SD, PIT, NYM, CIN, MIA) and six in the AL (CWS, SEA, TOR, KC, DET, BAL).

The 54-45 Chicago Cubs come to town for three starting tomorrow night at 6:45 Pacific. Shaun Anderson gets the call.




M.C. O'Connor said...

This is the latest on the website about MadBum trade rumors. I like what FZ say, you should check it out. Let's enjoy what's happening and not sweat what might happen.

M.C. O'Connor said...

In the bottom of the 11th, pinch-hitting to lead off, Belt walked. Posey walked right after him. Giants did not bunt. Then Dickerson hit into a DP. Speculation is that not only is Posey a slow runner, Belt's bum knee makes him even slower. A bunt was not worth sacrificing with the high probability of an out at third base. Anyway, it is pretty clear Belt's power stroke is not there. He can still work a walk, though. And he works counts. He is 12th in all of baseball in pitches per plate appearance with 4.22. Mike Trout is at 4.23 for the 11th spot.

campanari said...

With Dickerson up against, I think I recall, a RHP, I don’t know if I would have bunted no matter who was on base. About a third of the time Dickerson gets a hit, and Belt was already in scoring position. But in any case, giving up an out is always risky enough that I believe the best Sabermetric advice to be that generally only the weakest hitters should be asked to sacrifice.

nomisnala said...

It ended up as if he had tried to bunt, as the ball hit his bat, and went right to the pitcher, for an easy DP. I was a bit surprised that the giants released Holland instead of Blach, even if Blach had options. (not sure that he does). As Holland had been pitching okay lately and throwing at 96MPH as hard as he has in years, and while being used a lot, he had a horrid outing, and he is now gone. I may be wrong, but it seemed as if he added quite a bit to the team chemistry. I guess when you win 14 of 17, it is time to break up the team. Menez and Green looked good today. Not sure if Green saw a ball in the field, except for Pillar's great catch and throw. In Pillar's next to last at bat, he swung at 3 pitches, each at least a foot outside. In his last at bat, that called strike was kind of brutal, especially for a guy who normally swings at everything, including moths that fly by while he is at bat. Overall, being outscored by the Mets in the series and still winning 3 of 4, all in extras was awesome.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Holland was doing well against lefties and maybe someone will need a LOOGY. Giants already have two lefty studs (Watson and Smith) who can get righties out.

nomisnala said...

supposedly lefties hit Watson better than righties. But would have been happier if we got rid of Blach even if he is cheaper.