Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Deadline passeth

The Giants are active at the trade deadline but Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith, the two most-talked about names, stay put.

The Giants shake up the bullpen and send Drew Pomeranz and Ray Black (currently at Sacto) to the Brewers for 25-year old AAA SS/2B Mauricio Dubon. I'll miss Black, he throws 100 mph, but I like the new infielder. He is supposedly ready for the big time but he'll probably report to the River Cats.

Mark Melancon goes to the Braves for two players, Tristan Beck (23-year old RH minor league starter) and Dan Winkler (29-year old major league righty reliever). No details on salary considerations yet. This one was a surprise as I did not think Melancon was tradeable with all the money owed to him. Perhaps the Giants are eating the bulk of the cost.

Sam Dyson goes to the Twins for three players. Prelander Berroa is a 19-year old RH pitcher in rookie ball, Kai-Wei Teng is a 20-year old RH starter in low-A ball, and Jaylin Davis is a 25-year old AAA OF, a right-hander with some pop. That seems like a fair haul for Dyson.

Scooter Gennett comes to the Giants from the Reds for "cash considerations." When healthy this guy was really raking at second base. Joe Panik's struggles have been obvious all season and they needed an immediate upgrade.

It certainly improves the All-Name Team: Scooter, Prelander, Tristan, Mauricio, Jaylin . . . those are all good ones.


p.s. Tonight is Game 108, the end of the 6th seasonal inning, and the end of the month! I'll try to have a full report on things later.

p.p.s. Giants pick up 25-year old lefty OF/1B Joe McCarthy from the Rays for 21-year old southpaw Jacob Lopez who is in low-A ball.

p.p.p.s. Melvin Adon, another 100-mph thrower, gets the call-up from AA. He has 59 K in 45 IP.


Zo said...

I'm surprised to see Melancon (who btw, has been excellent lately) AND Dyson gone in trades. Also Black. They must really think Watson + Smith + Morontes + whomever can fill the job. And we got a lot of infielders, which makes me wonder about the confidence level in Panic, Crawford and Longo. But these guys are youngsters, so maybe FZ looked at the Giants farm system and saw too few infielders there. Greinke is no longer a snake. I also note that the Nats picked up Hunter Strickland, so I guess he can spend more time facing Bryce Harper.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Apparently the Braves are eating the entire Melancon contract!!! That's a HUGE win. I note that both Pomeranz and Melancon pitched well right before the deadline and they became valuable trade chips.

With Coonrod getting a shot, and now Adon, and the FNG Winkler, and Moronta as you mentioned, they felt they had a surplus to trade from in the bullpen. But they keep Watson and Smith! Dyson has been great, but getting three players, one (Davis) who could help right now, makes it a fair trade.

FZ said two things. One about Bumgarner: “ He’s a huge tone setter for our clubhouse. He’s a huge tone setter for the organization.”

The other about the organization: “We value the present.”

This looks like a good day. The Giants need minor-league depth and they got that. They had a surplus of arms in the 'pen but only parted with one of The Big Three. They got some help for the infield. Obviously Panik has really struggled but BCraw has been pretty bad with the bat as well and with Longoria injured they had to shore things up, not just for this season but the future.

They got a couple of power OF bats to add to the mix and we've seen how that roster-churning has paid off.

And best of all they KEPT MADBUM!!

It's a good day.

Ron said...

I agree that it's been a good day for the Giants (so far ... these trade announcements keep trickling in, so that's still a worry).

And, since I get to go to a Game at Target Field in mid-September, I now have a chance to see two ex-Giants: Romo & Dyson!

I wanted to make sure that you all saw the following a couple of days ago. If not, prepare to laugh yourselves silly: