Friday, February 21, 2020

Giants are hiring

Click here to apply for Product Manager:
The ideal candidate will possess product management experience, understanding of modern UI/UX design principles, a technical background with past software engineering experience, and the ability to communicate effectively with baseball staffers.
Baseball Operations needs more R&D people. Get those résumés polished, boys and girls. The Giants need your help!


h/t FanGraphs


Murf the Smurf said...

I hope you apply, Mark. You seem qualified. And what the heck, it'll give you something to supplement your retirement income.

SIR said...

Maybe this new person can get the Giants website back up to snuff.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm distinctly unqualified. This person has to have actual skills, not just BS routines that dazzle adolescents!

And they must use interns to do the damn website and cycle through a new batch every semester.

Zo said...

The job description is an artful blend of end-stage capitalism jargon and technobabble. It is impossible to discern what the hire will be doing other than using database and statistical analysis tools. Probably a better title would be "Computer Literate Gopher". Sounds like a great job!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah it seems like the position has more to do with internal communications and not any kind of customer relations. They probably just need a "design nerd" who will take all the analytical info and streamline it so everyone is looking at the same printout, spreadsheet, slide show, etc. The ad has "UI/UX" (user interface/user experience) in it. That means end-product. If you have proprietary software and such then Microsoft and Google aren't going to pretty it up for you. You gotta hire someone!

nomisnala said...

The only computer nerd that would want this job, is some person who would give up the chance at a really good job, because he/she is a giants fan and just wants to put that he/she worked for the giants on his/her resume.