Saturday, February 16, 2008

Me and The Game '08

(Note: The following is a guest contribution from Bro (aka my big brother Robert). He claims that his own computer isn't good enough to join our fun here at RMC, so I forced him to write something while he was visiting me. So lets give it up to my Bro...)

Besbol been Barry Barry good to me.
I will always love the grand game. As a Spaniard has bullfighting in his blood, as a Frenchman needs to performs sex with his mouth, I will always care about baseball.
(Here comes the but...) But I'm just not into thinking about The Giants at this time. ... So I will officially begin my mental baseball season right now.
It's no longer all about Barry. Or Zito.
So it's all about the child prodigy pitchers, Cain & Lincecum, and their potentials, vis a vis fulfillingness. Or something like that.
And whether A New Hope shall emerge, some young stud position player who exceeds expectations and becomes a Star. Wouldn't that be a unique thrill for us as longtime Giants fans.
You may recall one of my axioms, "Pitchers don't get to be great on the Giants."
It has a corollary, "The Giants farm system doesn't produce stars as position players", at least not ones that will ever actually play for the aforementioned Giants.
In other words I'm in 100% wait-and-see mode. We're hoping for things that don't usually happen, not to us. Or maybe we aren't even hoping for that, considering the ubiquitous current pessimism, completely justified of course.
Fuck Clemens, fuck Selig, fuck the Dodgers, AND the A's, fuck the DH, and the whole fuckin AL too.


nancyo said...

Had to say that I enjoyed Brother Bob's entry -- and especially his last sentence. Heartfelt, yes, good one. Really like the 'Fuck Clemens'.

Ron said...

Just wanted to chime in & say that Roger Clemens' legal team is my current favorite comedy team. Rusty & Chip (I think that those are really their names) have really set the bar high. Let's keep those guys around all season to lighten things up a bit. Something to take our mind off the fact that our premeditated PLAN (not some makeshift response to a slew of injuries, but our 2008 PLAN) is to have Bengie Molina hit clean-up. Wow! And yet, with our pitching, I can still see us accumulating some wins. But, during those losing streaks that are bound to occur, let's keep Rusty & Chip close at-hand - they will put that baseball smile back on my face.

M.C. O'Connor said...

As my dear departed Dad would have said: "Watch your fuckin' language!"

My, my, all the cursing. Do I really set such a feckin' bad example?

I had no fookin' clue.

Bob, as we know, life mocks Giants fans. Nice to have you aboard.