Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, Omar!

So you've all had time to digest the news of Omar's impending arthroscopy. Time for some analysis. I was painfully unaware that we had an option year for 2009 with Mr. 43. I can live with "no-bat" for a guy with his glove, but a 2-year deal seems insane. Hell, even Barry Bonds was getting only one-year deals at the end. Same reason, eh? Knees, fer chrissakes. I'm not entirely sure of the '09 club-option details, but I think it is automatically triggered by certain performance criteria, like 140 GP or somesuch. OK, I'll say it. I hope he misses 23 games. It is impossible not to love Omar. But there should be no "automatics" with old guys. Now our New Kid on the Block gets to start the season at SS. Great. First, we tell him to compete for 2B, then we think we'll install him at 3B, then we look for Joe Crede, then we tell him to compete at 2B, then we tell him "keed, ya get ta staht, but only at shaht." I suppose with Boch it sounds more like "we all think yer a good hard-nosed kid and with Omar gimpy we think ya oughta take his spot." Talk about helping your young players be successful! The flip side, of course, is that KF gets to start the season playing every day. And we get to see what he's got.


Ron said...

As long as Omar becomes Player-Manager in '09, with a limited playing role, I'm all for your plan that he plays only 139 games. That would give me hope. I've been an Emmanuel Burriss fan all of my life! Or Brian Bocock - who's better?

Zo said...

You said, "I can live with 'no-bat' for a guy with his glove." I can, too, but only one guy like this, and only if he is really, really cool. Omar fits that bill. No other "glove" guys, OK? "Hit" guys with gloves. Winning is cool. Winning makes cool. Omar is cool whether he wins or not, but no one else can pull that off.

M.C. O'Connor said...

As a fan of great ballplaying, it has been a real treat to see Vizquel do his thing. The rest of the package, as you say, oozes cool. Too bad we've had such a crappy team during his time with us. I think Omar would be a damn fine manager, actually, but "player-manager" wastes a roster spot. We can't allow old guys with no upside to block any more youngsters. As far as EB vs. BB, Burriss so far has the edge in minor league statistics. Neither of them hit with any power, but they, so far, are only A-level. Both are 23, I imagine a year at AA and another at AAA means we'll see them in 2010, or late-season call-ups in 2009. Eugenio Velez is on the 40-man roster, he's 25, hit .298 at AA, and has ML time with us. He's the one to watch for 2009.