Friday, February 22, 2008

Ya think?

Finally, the Giants recognize that Roberts has been prone to injury and not played more than 129 games in any major-league season. (Today's Schulman)


Anonymous said...

I'm no Roberts fan but he deserves some benefit of the doubt at this point. He came back strong from mid-season surgery and we shouldn't hold his first half against him.
What I can't wrap my head around is the fact that we're having a discussion about who's gonna start in left field.
Speaking of coming back from surgery, what's the latest on Merkin Valdez?

Brother Bob

M.C. O'Connor said...

Check out Giants Jottings and search for "Merkin." I guess he is coming back from T.J. (y'know, performance-enhancement) surgery and is also out of options. Lefty Malo points to a Rob Neyer ESPN article that explains the ins & outs of options and etc. HERE

I think it is make-or-break for Merkin this year.

Roberts will be good for 120 games max. Fred should get the other 42 starts.

Ron said...

Please ... won't someone just come out & say it? OK, I will. Dave Roberts has never been a very good player. His OBP isn't that good for a leadoff guy, he isn't a good outfielder, his whiffs are on the way up as his career progresses (last year, he whiffed an incredible 66 times in just 396 at-bats - your weak-hitting leadoff guy shouldn't whiff that many times in a full season). If he starts more than 70 games for us, that would be a sad thing. Barring other trades, we should stick with Winn, Rowand, Schierholtz, Lewis, & Davis as our OF's & forget about Dave Roberts -that's right, I even included Davis. In his hey day, Roberts wasn't that good. Now, he is near-useless as a player. Make him some kind of roving Minor League baserunning coach or something. I still think that we should try to get Eric Chavez - what's the risk? The potential upside is very high. At least, we'd get a good glove. 46-year old ex-Giant Ed Vosberg appears to be on the current roster of the Oaxaca Guerreros!

JC Parsons said...

How can a team that is rebuilding (THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DOING, ISN'T IT???) even consider playing Dave Roberts? Come on. As Ron says, he is not a difference maker and NEVER has been. He is CLEARLY blocking several of our prospects with any hope. AND he has proven that he can't hit lefties, which means he must be platooned (which he just said he doesn't want to do! well, I don't want him to platoon either...he just needs to be GONE). Sorry Bro, Roberts deserves NO CONSIDERATION for now or the future. By keeping him we guarantee that we lose Lewis or Davis AND that Nate spends another year at AAA. That is a big price to pay for a mediocre player. Oh yeah, he is physically incapable of playing an entire season as well...IS MY POINT CLEAR????

If we start the season with Roberts and Durham as regulars WE ARE A JOKE. If they really think that they will make us competitive or attractive to ticket buyers then we need to unload the ENTIRE FRONT OFFICE BECAUSE THEY ARE CERTIFIED IDIOTS.

Ron said...

I agree with Jon. The only thing that makes Durham more palatable is that, since he had past glory, he can make a better argument that he should be given a chance to re-capture past glory. Plus, Ray is not as big a whiner. Dave Roberts never had any past glory. Now, he is just old & unglorious. They are both injury-prone, too. Keep Ray as a decent back-up, pinch-hitter, & someone who can keep Frandsen hungry. Find some way to let Roberts go - perhaps Dusty could pair him up with his other geezer OF target, Kenny Lofton, in Cincinnati. Eat his salary, if necessary. On a brighter note, the Guerreros have finally posted their 2008 Schedule on their website. It still says 2007 Season, but it is the new schedule.