Friday, June 27, 2008

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I must confess to completely missing any coverage of yesterday's game, another loss for our young Mr. Cain (4-6). It would seem that the game was actually one of the least distinctive or dramatic losses of the season. One indication of this might be the almost complete lack of blog action, more on that later. Anyway, it looks like an ol' fashioned whooping at the hands of a super talented pitcher, Cliff Lee (11-1). Matt's struggling 101 pitch, 5 inning performance was clearly no match. I must admit to being surprised that Denker was in the lineup. Tough chance; sit for a week, then go in against Cliff Lee. I really have my doubts that we are doing the right thing with Denker/Burriss. Otherwise, unless you are an Indian fan, this game is better forgotten.

Since I had to use the internet ( no TV, what a radical!! ) to get caught up, I thought I might take a second to check in with a few of my favorite fellow Giants blogmates. Normally, I don't like it when reporters report on other reporters, but I am relatively new to this amazing resource so I'm still quite giddy. Literally the best thing about this monkey-puke season is my daily journey into Giants cyberville. If you are like me, there are a few sites that I must check just about everyday. Here are a couple of my current favorites:

#1 McCovey Chronicles: This is a no-brainer. Obviously the hub of info and conversation about all things Giants. Some of my buddies are intimidated by the size, scope and "busyness" of the site, but I dig it. Be sure to look at the most current Minor Lines, the best way to keep up with our "future."

#2 El Lefty Malo: This site is the current favorite of M.C. O'Connor, "cock of the walk" here at RMC. This blog, which updates almost everyday, is consistently witty and super baseball savvy. This is one of the first sites that really made it clear to me that I could learn and enjoy more from blogs than from any regular newspapers.

#3 Giants Win: Another site that updates often, sometimes more than once a day. This site provides the service of gathering media highlights (articles, blogs, rumors, etc) and slicing and dicing it up. Always fun and a great way to learn about new sites.

#4 Bay City Ball: If you want intelligent, insightful and well documented Giants analysis, then this is the site for you. I have learned more in one article by Chris, then in a lifetime of reading Glenn Dickey so some other schmoe. The guy is super nice and a semi-regular "heckler" here, hope to hear more from you!

#5 obsessivegiantscompulsive: Another great correspondent and analyst is Martin at OGC. When I want a lengthy, meaty, detailed discussion of some Giants minutae, (and who doesn't want that regularly?) I head here. Martin has a great sense of the big picture and our future...and he's still very positive! Go figure.

These are the top 5 off the top of my head and I'm sure that I missed some other great sites. My apologies. I have no doubt there are several other blogs that are plugging along just like us and our beloved team. Let me know.

Where do you go when you miss a game? Is the newspaper or the Giants page enough? Which Giants Blogs can you not live without?

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Thanks for the love as always, love your guys site as well. I check it daily.

Go Giants!