Saturday, June 28, 2008

Half Way Tim

After a few starts that looked rather human, our true ace, Tim Lincecum returned in dominating form. This seven inning, 11 strikeout gem was highlighted by Tim's slick ability to get out of jams. Three times in the first 5 innings the A's had a runner at third with one or less outs. Each time Tim elevated his game and got the K or the DP just when he needed them. As I have mentioned before, Lincecum seems to be the only Giants pitcher that is markedly better with runners on. If anybody knows some stats out there to prove me wrong, I would love to see them.
As you probably noticed, we are at the half way point of the season, game #81. An easy and amusing exercise is doubling stats to see how the year is going and how it may turn out. Here's some "projected" 2008 stats for The Enchanter:

18 wins 2 losses (on a team this bad that is hard to believe)

220 IP 186 hits 228 k 86 walks (that's a whip of 1.24! Can he last that many innings?)

only 10 hr given up, but 20 wild pitches

Is that one hell of a season or what? Hell, Gaylord and Juan would be proud of that one.

PS: Beating the A's is a rare treat. Doing it with only 2 hits (3 baserunners) is especially sweet. Unfortunately, the doggers did us one better by winning without getting a hit. Gross, huh?

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