Friday, June 13, 2008

Tardy Tim

I have just returned from the wonderful isolation of the Humboldt Redwoods. I guess I needed a break from this season but I sure did miss Tim! Just think of what a nice road trip that would have been if we get Tim a couple runs. Jeez, a 1-0 game at Coors Field is a true testament to the power of humidity. I was a little worried that Tim might suffer from my inattention. Yeah right.

Here's some help from my concise bro:

I waited in vain for Jon's Lincecum report, so I'll do it for him:
Same Old Same Old Tim. Seven shutout innings, yadda yadda... okay, whatever. More excellence, leads the world in quality starts, etc. One thing I want to write about is the last play of the game. Good throw from Lewis, "He's out!" Taschner goes wild, but no, the ball's sitting there on the grass, not in Molina's mitt, game over, Rockies win. Oh my god. But it was wonderful anyway, wasn't it? I love baseball.Which brings us to today's game. Sanchez stinks up the joint, but it's a typical Coors Field day and the Giants offense goes off, so Bochy can afford to leave Sanchez out to finish the fifth, and he barely does, and he ends up with a W. So now Sanchez actually has a better team win record than Wonderboy, even though there's no dispute who the better pitcher is. Sometimes it's better to be lucky. Oh, and did you catch what Sanchez did at the plate? FP called him "Babe Sanchez." Ya gotta love it.

****Again, I know this is a little late, but a must read for all Lincecum lovers. This slick article comes to the charming conclusion that Tim is ...well....perfect. Who knew?

****How about this news item? Rafael Rodriguez and Angel Villalona...if we still know these two names in four years, we will probably be very happy about that!

****Look, even the the largest and oldest living things are Giants fans!!! We can't be a stupid as we seem!!!

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M.C. O'Connor said...

I blogged this a.m. same time you did, obviously. You weren't up when I checked, then when I was done, you were! Funny how we had two different links to the same LinkFest site.

Hope you had a great trip. See you both on Monday, eh?