Wednesday, June 4, 2008

5 5 5 5 4 3

5.2 3 0 0 4 5
4.1 7 5 4 5 5
6.2 3 2 2 3 5
3.2 8 9 9 3 4
7.0 5 1 1 3 7
5.1 4 0 0 5 3
7.0 3 2 2 1 8
6.1 9 5 5 1 5
8.0 7 2 2 4 5
7.0 6 6 6 3 6
6.0 5 2 2 2 6
7.0 7 3 3 1 6
5.0 5 5 5 4 3

Matt has yielded 5 runs or more 5 times in 13 starts. He just can't seem to put together a string of quality outings. He's walking too many guys and throwing fat cheese over the middle of the goddamn plate!

That Huey Lewis tune is running around in my head: "I need a new drug."


Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
Thanks for putting up all of Cain's numbers at once. I was hoping you would so I could ponder his trends. I was tempted to dump on him again, but I figure, what the hell. This is the kind of team we get this year- glimmers of promise amidst a sea of inadequacies. From now on I intend to be a Pollyanna, always looking for the silver linings.
How about that Denker kid? He looks pretty sharp. At least one of these young whippersnappers is going to blossom into the real deal.
Hey Mark, I watched the TV pregame show today and they did an interview with Brian Wilson. Some time he went backpacking around Ireland for 3 weeks, and towards the end he was in Galway and decided to get a tatoo momento, the one around his right wrist. It says something in Irish, I didn't catch exactly what, I think he didn't actually say, but he's a FOOKIN BHOYO! Look into it.
Look into it.
PS- Zo- I'm sorry you loath me r/t some interest in the All Star game. You ought to know I didn't even look at the ballot until 2 days later, and I certainly didn't actually vote, and I hope you noticed my AL choices were strictly for entertainment purposes. And I completely agree that the business of the winner league hosting the WS is an abomination.

Zo said...

Loath is much too strong a word. I loath the huge hype and money sucking machine that the All Star game is, but then, what's the diff between that and anything else that MLB does these days? The only difference is how much they can suck for any given event, some more than others. I view it as three days without real baseball, and I absolutely loathe this ridiculous rule about making it "count" by giving world series home-field advantage to the winner. That, to me, just makes the world series a little less honest. Do 10 year olds with high-speed internet connections still cast 90% of the votes, or have they fixed that? I simply try to ignore the All-Star game as much as possible, in the hopes that it will go away. No luck so far.

JC Parsons said...

Thanks for the clarification Zo. As our spiritual advisor, I was rather alarmed that we were directed to "loathe" anyone interested in the All-Star. I'm not crazy about it but I have to admit a passing curiosity...kind of like looking at a car wreck. However, expect me to care DEEPLY this year when our boy Tim is the only Giant. It is a stupid game but a great performance in it is practically a prerequisite for a true superstar's resume. Loathe me if you wish (or some less nasty word) but I will not miss a pitch thrown by Tim.