Saturday, July 19, 2008

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MC had thrown 101 pitches through six innings and was losing 2-0 to a good team. He wasn't in command--far from it. He was struggling with control, having already faced 27 batters, walking four and yielding six hits. If I'm occupying Bruce Bochy's enormous head, I yank him. MC made the last out of the 6th. Wouldn't that have been the perfect time for a pinch-hitter? Apparently it was better to let our beleagured bhoyo give up a walk and a double (and a run) to start the 7th. Memo to Bonehead: it was the top of their lineup!!! Now Matt is not a piece of fine china that needs careful handling. He's a big, strong youngster who loves to pitch. I get it. But somewhere along the line a person in a leadership position, like a coach or a manager, needs to think about maximizing his opportunities for success. Or, at the very least, minimizing the opportunities for extending failure. It is just good psychology, fer chrissakes. We have a stink-o team. Our future star gave a gutsy, gritty effort to keep us close. We are NOT in a pennant race. I don't know about you, but I say you take the damn ball, pat him on the back, sit him the fook down.

Like I said, the Brewers are a good team, and MC had to be on top of his game. He wasn't. And the match-up with Sabathia meant extra pressure to be perfect, and that is a recipe for failure. CC was dominant. He is shouldering quite a bit of expectations himself--Milwaukee is going to have to make a big 2nd half run to overtake Chicago and fend off St. Louis. CC will have to deliver. The formula for big-time aces is "keep it close with good teams, crush the minnows." Hey Sabes, guess which one we are?

Take a look at the Win Probability Table from FAN GRAPHS for last night. It was already 75% Brewers before the fateful 7th.


JC Parsons said...

It was a little disheartening to see such a great potential pitching duel fail to materialize. I really hoped for more from Matt, but I guess CC is quite a bit further ahead in development. Three wins, including 2 complete ones, since he comes over...what a stud! Am I crazy to think Matt is also that kind of pitcher? Cain's up and down performances have really rattled my confidence. I have HIGH expectations...I'm not looking for a good #2 guy, I'm talking Allstar. Is that too much to ask?
Did someone say Allstar? It's TIM DAY !!!!

(TO M&S: Great to have you guys back from MesoLand. That was a sweet paddle and cool moon, thanks for coming over!)

M.C. O'Connor said...

I must say I have similar expectations for MC, but that may be unfair. A solid #2 behind Lincecum would be a great career and a cornerstone of a potentially great staff. Although Matt will pass the 100-start mark this season, he still seems really raw and unpolished at times. Youth? Lack of good coaching? Failing to live up to hype might not be Matt's failing . . . rushed to the bigs by a desperate front office, perhaps? It is only his third full season, and if it is an up and down affair that may be no reason to panic. He IS tied for third in the NL with Hamels and Volquez for K's. Not too shabby.

Today we have TWO reasons to be happy: (1) the Link pitches (2) Durham is getting his walking papers!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Big D at GW has a link to an ESPN story that says the Durham deal is done.