Monday, July 7, 2008

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It always catches me a little off guard just how hard I take losses to the doggers. Believe me when I say I know about losing, but when it is at the hands of the blue scum, the pain and humiliation can hit me like I was ten years old all over again. This game, and particularly this franchise of ours can certainly test one's mettle.

This brings me to Matt Cain. After his best outing of the year last week, we were all set for big things. He did not deliver. In fact, Matt has never beaten the doggers, the last team in the NL West with that honor. This really kind of bothers me. I expect to see Mr. Cain in the black & orange for a decade or so and I sure hope that terrifies all blue goo, but right now it sure doesn't. I know the sample size is small (7 starts, 22 er, 37.1 ip, 5.30 era, 0-4) but I shudder to think this may be a trend. Ethier (.571 before getting 3 hits yesterday) and Kent (.455, 2 hr) seem to have no trouble against Matt. Kemp crushed two doubles yesterday.

So, we continue to wait and see with Matt for this year. Can he get it on track? Is he a second half type? That's my guess. And maybe more importantly...

Do the smog suckers have Matt's number?

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Chris said...

Cain has tended to pitch better in the 2nd half of the season over his career.

His ERA in the 2nd half is almost a full run lower than his 1st half ERA.

He's struck out more hitters while walking less in the 2nd half.

1st Half
K% 19.9
BB% 10.8

2nd half
K% 21.8
BB% 8.9

He was very good in last years 2nd half, hopefully he carries over that tradition into this year's 2nd half.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
Zito steps up and Sanchez & Cain take a step back. Go figure.
The team-wide breakdown in fundamentals is what bothers me. Cain fails to cover first on a grounder to the right. Burriss makes mistakes in the field and on the base paths. Situational hitting goes into the crapper. Bad throws, missed cutoff men, etc.
Weak hitting is something you just have to put up with, I suppose, but lousy fundamentals makes for BAD BASEBALL.