Wednesday, July 2, 2008

8 2 0 0 3 10

As if in response to the plethora of wondering fans, Matt Cain laid to rest any notion that he may not be an "Ace." Worry no longer. Mr. Cain is the real deal. He can pitch with anybody in this league, including teammates Tim Lincecum and Jonathan Sanchez. And, oh by the way...He's the youngest of the those three!

It is hard not to be filled with schpilkas this smoky morn. Matt Cain threw, agrueably, the strongest start for a Giant this year. Athough missing a couple big bats, the Cubs are, what Stephen Colbert would call, a formidable opponent. Matt sliced through them, especially late in the game. His fastball, clocked at 97 mph, made Ryan Theriot look bad to end the seventh. The next two outs were also K's and the final out for Matt was the rather memorable, spectacular, but not graceful dive and throw by Castillo. (If you did not see it, go now.) Perhaps the most telling feature of how well Matt performed was his complete domination of Kosuke Fukudome. How do you say "hat trick" in Japanese?

Beyond the resurgence of Mr. Cain, the game also featured some more reasons to really like Fred Lewis. I'm talking serious man-love. Fred scored both runs, one of which was stealing home on the front end of a double steal. He had badly screwed this same play earlier this year (too lazy to look it up), but this time Fred executed perfectly. He continually shows improvement and that is EXCITING. ....The sobering thought is the only reason Fred is playing enough to develop before our eyes is because Roberts got hurt. Would our management have done it right on their own?

***If you like the lovely artwork above, then you will love this FanPost on the McCovey Chronicle from yesterday. (I guess photo credit goes to Natto.)


Brother Bob said...

Serious man love is now sanctioned by the state of California, bro, so I say go for it with F-Lew.
Oh hell yes I'm psyched about Cain's performance. I threw down the gauntlet at him and he picked it right up and threw it back in my face.
I know I shouldn't be doing this, but have to glance at the standings now and then, and when I see us smack in the middle, in third place, and only 5 games off the lead, I don't know, these little delusions start creeping into the cracks in my mind, and I can't help but think the unthinkable. Y'kno'msay'n?

Brother Bob said...

All optimism gets swept aside quickly with a loss like last night to the Cubs. I kept thinking "Now THIS is a typical SF '08 game." Find a way to lose. Dubious offense. Dubious starter, dubious relief.
Rowand's slump is now obvious and ugly. Lewis strikes out way too much.
But there is certainly a bright side this time. We did score a lot. Bowker looks good, Durham and Winn are steady.
Bringing up the tainted backup catcher Ebenezer Alfonso is a moderately interesting move. He's almost certainly got more ML tools than Holm, and will allow Molina twice as much time off.