Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Clint Hurdle says our young stud might not pitch. How 'bout that, kid? You make the cover of SI but won't throw in Yankee Fookin' Stadium with everyone watching? Memo to Marketing: Send Clint the Marketing Memo.

I missed the Fourth of July. So how about a little Lady Liberty Love in Orange & Black, eh?
(T'anks for the snaps, B.)


B said...

Snaps via Paula (one of my 2 fave Mets fans - the other being Jon Stewart). We made the pilgrimage to Cooperstown together on my 35th.

We'll represent on the 28th in LA.
Go Giants.


JC Parsons said...

Yo, B. Thanks for checking in and good luck representin.

Did you guys hear the news about Tim getting sick and being out of the AllStar game? I guess that's better than having him experience something like Atlee did.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Bespeaketh NOT of the Hammaker-ed One!

Chris at BCB posted the first story I saw, and then RotoWorld confirmed it. BUMMER! Tim was the only reason I was watching.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
Getting sick turned out to be a great career move for Tim. After throwing 116 pitches Sunday, he would have been abused Tuesday if he was used in that debacle of an abomination of a fiasco that was the All Star Game. 15 friggin innings! Why?
Anyway, I was at work and couldn't watch so I'm glad I didn't miss seeing our boy perform. He probably would've struck out 6 straight guys or something cool, and if I missed seeing that I would've been pissed.
Way to go B. Wilson for your 2 outs and your 0.00 All Star ERA.