Friday, July 4, 2008

Cover Boy Tim

Happy 4th of July! I must leave soon ( I'm busy being an American ) so I will be brief. Perhaps, don't count on it, I'll get back.

As everyone knows by now, Tim Lincecum is gracing the cover of the week's SI. (The article is kind of lame, bad use of nicknames but good quotes though.) Jinx?? You say?? No fricking way. Tim ripped off WIN #10 in much the same way as he has many times this season. Consistency is still the key. Another quality start, 6 IP 3ER, no homers given up (although 3 well struck doubles), 8 K and only one walk. Not Tim's best, but nothing close to a jinx. Will he start the All-Star game? If not our boy, then who? Webb? Hamels?

I still think that Omar must go or sit. He ended up with a couple hits but the first time with a runner in scoring position and the pitcher up next, he feebly tapped to first. Luckily for him, the pitcher was no ordinary human and Tim delivered the tying RBI. For a minute there, it sure felt like Lincecum was a much bigger offensive threat than Vizquel. Maybe I'm crazy, but in another couple weeks he won't be worth squat.


Brother Bob said...

Thanks for the link to SI. The cover photo is good; I enjoyed the article. I realize you object to the "Tiny" nickname. I too actually hope it doesn't stick. "The Freak" is kinda groovy. It's what he calls himself, evidently. My 13 year old daughter digs "The Freak". Lincecum the star will no doubt belong to a new generation of baseball lovers, and us fogeys will get to do what fogeys are best at, complain about stuff.
The bulk of the SI article, concerning pitching mechanics and modern ways of analyzing and preventing problems, I found surprisingly fascinating. Gives me more respect for pitch counts, and other ways of trying to behave rationally.

Ron said...

Quick Note: The Olmecas de Tabasco beat the Guerreros de Oaxaca last night, 8-6, in a interminable, although vastly entertaining game (both on & off the field). We had 23 people in our group - 24, if you count the picture of ´The Freak´ on the cover of SI that Jim Streeter brought along to show everyone. We were featured many times on the ´medium-sized tron´, including one particularly endearing moment when an outside observer might have assumed that my Dad was beating my Stepson, luckily with nothing more than a noise stick. Mark, Sue, Dan, Akemi, Susana, Santiago, Leon, & I all made it to the end of the 4 1/2 hour 9-inning marathon!

JC Parsons said...

Thanks for the international update. I did warn you that MOC would cause the total collapse of your Guerreros. Have a great time, wish we were there, but some one has to stay here and watch our Giants get "knocked out of it".

It cracks me up that so many people here are trying to put us in a race. Oh well, we play like 16 of our next 22 at home (not a good thing this year) and we have a tough patch (Cubs and Mets) before the ASG. So I see us in full fire sale about the end of this month. I hope. I want a new team not a short embarrassing playoff appearance.

Thanks again for checking in...I figured I wouldn't hear from you until you got back. Say hi to all.

Ron said...

The way that they are playing this year, losing by only 2 runs is a ´moral victory´ for the Guerreros. A hot inside Mexican League rumor that you won´t hear anywhere else (I have a friend here who is well-connected): the Guerreros may be moving elsewhere in the State of Oaxaca, to open the door for the historically best team in Mexico, the Diablos of Mexico City, to move here. Here are the pertinent ´facts´ to substantiate this gossip:

- No one goes to games in Mexico City, because the Stadium is too dangerous.

- Both teams are owned by the same guy.

- They just put a fancy new roof over the better seats at the Stadium here.

Stay tuned for more information ...

Everything is going well here. We haven´t seen a lot of our visitors, because we´ve been very busy getting other things ready for the move & the Ceremony/Party. But, everyone is enjoying themselves. (Last night, Mark & Sue were complaining that Dan & Akemi go to too many concerts & galleries!) Mark & Sue went to the game 3 nights in-a-row. The first night, the game went forever, including a rain delay, so they left a bit early. The second night, a total rainout - not a single pitch. So, last night, the one everyone went to, was the only complete game that they saw. We´ll see them all tonight at a Cocktail Party for out-of-town guests.