Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shiny Tim

Once again, like a beam of bright sunshine, Tim Lincecum stands out in this dark season. Setting a new career high of
thirteen strikeouts with no walks, The Enchanter was once again dominating. Except for a lapse during the fifth inning (both runs on 4 hits), Tim was dealing. Apparently the shadows and bright background made for some tough hitting...of course, it is always tough to hit against Webb and Lincecum. My favorite part of Tim's night was his last inning, striking out the side.

I would be remiss without mentioning the clutch hit that took Timmy off the hook and gave us the lead going into the 8th. (BTW we are in the process of blowing that lead...Walker wasted no time in snatching the victory from Tim.) Rowand, who was 0-8, 6 K's against Webb, delivered a two out, two RBI single. I am not really impressed at all by Aaron, but that was a big hit...and on a good team it probably would have won the game. Nice job, Gamer.

Oh well, in the time it took to write the last paragraph , Tyler Walker pissed away Tim's win. I always thought it was a long shot that Walker would come back strong, let alone be a setup man. Anyone else notice that almost the moment we lost Merkin Valdez our bullpen became a real liability. In any case, I will not criticize the decision to stop Tim after 7 innings and 111 pitches. Sure we lost (the game isn't over but the snakes have a two run lead now), but remember,
THAT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER. We just need to stay healthy and keep letting our future stars develop their shine.

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Brother Bob said...

I watched the whole game, which is rather rare for me (I work evenings and many weekends). Tim was dazzling. I especially like how he bears down with runners on base. Taking him out was exactly the right thing to do. I had a strong feeling Walker was going to fuck up, and unfortunately I was right. He looked too hyped up, like he drank too many Red Bulls. Is that normally how he seems?
I'm going to PhoneCo tomorrow, with 3 companions, so I'll be scoring 4 bobbleheads, hopefully. The bidding starts at $10 each.

JC Parsons said...

Hey Bro, I want an MC bobblehead!! I bet I know something I could barter with that you like better than cash (nudge,nudge,wink is a good as a nod to a blind man). Have fun tomorrow, take a camera, be sure to post.

Remember Aug 5 and 6!! It looks like it will be Sanchez on Tues night and Tim on wed afternoon. Sounds awesome to me. Let me know.

Displaced Giant's Fan said...

Tim Lincecum was beyond awesome. His games are incredible to watch. He was throwing 98 mph even as he reached 100 pitches. There is no question with 13 k and 156 for the year he is the future. The big question is with the Giants falling further and further behind in the standing...when will Bochy and Righetti pull the plug and shut him down for the rest of the season...“to protect his arm?”

Brother Bob said...

Ralph Barbieri called into the KNBR post-post game show and went OFF about Bochy taking Lincecum out. "He's not made of porcelain," etc.
He claimed this feeling was unrelated to how badly Walker sucked. Yeah, maybe.
I disagree with the Razor. As Tim came out I thought, "Cool, that's smart." If they continue to manage him this wisely there will be no need to "shut him down for the season."
Bro: of course one of the bobbles is yours, and MC too. No charge.

Displaced Giant's Fan said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree taking Tim Lincecum being pulled out should not be questioned, regardless how great he was pitching. Not like game six of the 2002 World Series, which I live with every day here in So. Cal. He was at 111 pitches. John Kruk on Baseball Tonight, even gave him kudos. Rare for main steam media to mention west coast teams. I would like to see Alex Hinshaw moved into that primary set up role.

I hope Bochy and Righetti does not shut him down early, like last year. Primarily for selfish reasons...I am visiting the “The City” in September for the last two series of the season Colorado and LA. This will be my only trip to AT&T park this season.