Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take Him Out

6 7 2 1 0 7

100 pitches/75 strikes/25 balls

It is a good night's work undone by a nightmare inning. Have a seat, Matt.


JC Parsons said...

There are several things about yesterday that boil my bile, but I'll just go with the first one on the top of my head:
The lineup: In as big a game as we can pretend to have this year, Bonehead sends out Vizquel, Castillo (at second!)and Aurilia, while benching Burriss, Ochoa and Velez. We are still so locked into thinking old shit gives us a better chance of winning! I am reaching my limit...I doubt I can remain polite much longer in my regard for Omar. Sorry, I have places to go and people to do.

BTW: I think the umps got the disputed call right. After all, Fred kind of tossed the ball out of play...didn't he? What do I always say about Fred being a human highlight film? It ain't always for good shit.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Jon Miller thought the umps had it wrong but then he and Phlegm figured that the ball did go out of play, and come back in, thus making the call correct. It was a piece of bad luck.

Matt pitched well. I'm happy to see two strong starts in a row. If we had an offense, he could have gotten a win. (Another journeyman looks like Maddux against us.)

We have to move some bodies by the deadline. I can't stand watching the old farts any longer. I pay attention for Lewis and Bowker (rough night at 1b) and whatnot. I have no interest in Winn, Aurilia, Rowand, Molina, etc.

Billingsley starts for them. If we think we can't hit, just watch tonight.

Zo said...

Oldsters will get maximum exposure between now and the trading deadline just to see if there are any nibbles. You will see the same line-up tonight. Maybe after July 31, too, because all you have to do is clear waivers. Sorry, but any grocer will tell you to put your meat that is going to spoil first on top of the pile. To hear more of Brian Sabean's thoughts see "I Hate It When People Say Things" on www.firejoemorgan.com.

JC Parsons said...

Isn't it just as likely that an old fart showcase will decrease their value? Besides the obvious risk of injury, these guys have veteran track records (and, except for Aurilia, are actually quite consistent) which makes such displays superfluous. No I don't buy the "shopping the vets" excuse. This is some good ol' boy,denial bullshit.
Does everything change when we move into LAST PLACE??? You do know that will happen, don't you?

Zo said...

It will be interesting to see that tense Pads-Giants matchup coming up (good seats available!). It could be a battle for last. Or fourth, depending on how you look at it. We numbah 4! We numbah 4! No. I do not know that the Giants will end up in last place. I do know that we are 14th in the NL and anyone who believes that the "weak NL West" gives us a chance at a playoff spot is dangerously delusional, especially after seeing how the dbacks and scumsucking doggers ripped the flesh from our pale, upturned bellies, spat it out and pissed on our vital organs. Only a few more hours til trade deadline! You should be on your knees in prayer.

Note to readers: It was jc parsons who correctly predicted the Giants slide from sub-mediocrity, when on June 29 (if memory serves, which it rarely does these days) he stated that the Giants were just about due for that losing streak that would disabuse anyone of the "competitiveness" notion. Some notions die hard, however.

Here is a note about San Diego. I spoke to a friend about his visit there, in which he went out to Petco Park along with a few hundred other fans on a week night to see the Pads take on Kansas City. Talk about drawing power! The 5 of them got hassled by the security for sitting in a completely empty section, and then again for pausing on the way to the bar and restaurant on the wrong side of a yellow line when there was no one either in front of them or behind them. Way to make visitors feel welcome, San Diego!