Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7 7 2 2 0 7

Rags: Listen kid, ya gotta cut down on them walks.

MC: Sure, Coach.

Rags: And ya gotta get groundballs, kid. That's the ticket.

MC: You bet, Coach.

Rags: Keep those pitch counts down, too, y'know what I'm sayin'?

MC: (nodding eagerly) Uh-huh.

Rags: That's how we turn those L's and ND's into W's, pally.

MC: (to himself) Wins, oh yeah, the big "W!"

Rags: Now go on out there and do what I told ya. (Pats MC on rump.)

MC: You got it, Coach! (Runs on to field.)

Rags: (to Boch) These clowns gonna score any runs tonight, boss?

Boch: Well, they're hard-nosed ballplayers, y'know.

Rags: Haren's pitchin', he's good. I say--complete game shutout with a dozen K's.

Boch: Well, ya might be right, there, Davey-boy.



Chris said...


Poor Matt, he really threw well last night and he deserved better. 87 pitches for 7 innings of work with 2 earned runs and 7 punchouts? I'll take that every time.

Haren was nasty though. He made a light hitting Giants team look even more futile than usual.

Brother Bob said...

At least Pablo got 2 hits.
I fear we may see more of the same tonight, pitching-matchup-wise. I can hope Sanchez will be brilliant and Webb will suck, but I won't be holding my breath.

JC Parsons said...

How many times have we seen that game? You know what I mean...the well pitched, shoulda won variety. The Giants have failed to score for Matt an amazing SEVEN times. Another SEVEN times they got him one run! Little wonder he is second lowest in the league in run support this year, 4th lowest in the MAJORS since his career began.

BTW I am afraid that Tim may need help to get that Cy Young. If Webb gets 21 (or god forbid 22) that may be the clincher. Remember, he would be the first NL pitcher to get 20 wins since 2005.

Pablo also hit the ball solidly for outs last night too. No small feat against Haren. Sandoval has had possibly the greatest hitting season EVER. He DOMINATED pitching at THREE levels, including the majors! I think he is our 1B of the future. Posey and Gillespie will be fixtures before you can sneeze (we paid too much for any other option)and Pablo can back them both up.