Monday, September 15, 2008

Pablo is God

Not only did he score the go-ahead run, he threw out 2 runners on steal attempts and successfully blocked the plate to save a run. He can do it all.
He's fun to watch when he's at bat. Nobody ever pitches in the strike zone- they don't have to. He swings at anything close and a few that are not so close. But he doesn't strike out much. He fouls off a lot of pitches, then he puts the ball in play. Approximately 2/3 of those balls get fielded by the defense. And that's good.
At this stage of his career he believes he can hit anything he can see. I hope he soon realizes the value of at least a little patience so he will get on base more often and get better pitches to hit.

Intriguing pitching matchups for the series in AZ. Who knows what Hennessey will do tonight, but wouldn't it be exciting if he follows up his good comeback game with another strong start? Then Cain needs to get his shit back together to have any chance to beat Haren. Then we need my boy Sanchez to find a way to beat Webb, for obvious reasons. Then Timmy vs The Unit. That one could be special.


M.C. O'Connor said...

According to Andrew Baggarly Molina wants to re-sign with the Giants after his contract is up in 2009. This is not news I like. I like Bengie's professionalism--he plays hard, he seems passionate and committed to winning. But he is almost 34. His lifetime OPS+ is under 100. No gracias, Bengie.

What does this have to do with Pablo? Everything, of course. Give the boy the mask and mitt and the job. I expect that Pablito will hit about .280 and slug about .420. Bengie territory, but younger and cheaper. If he is a disaster, we can try him at 1B and Buster will be ready for prime time.

Chris said...

I always knew God was a hacker.

Brother Bob said...

For the historical record, the Giants were swept in AZ.