Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Good Game.

There were lots of positives in last night's win in San Diego. Sanchez was solid, Pablo jacked one a mile, Ishikawa also homered, Velez continued his productive streak, the bullpen did a good job, etc.

I want to make a case for keeping Randy Winn. He happens to be the best player on the team right now. He has been nearly spectacular since the All-Star break. His average goes up almost every game.
The thing is, he's only 34 years old. He's got at least 3 more good years in him. Lots of men can play well up to the age of 40 and beyond.
He shouldn't be lumped with guys like Vizquel, Aurelia and Roberts, who we all can't wait to dump. (At least we dumped Durham) Most of you include Molina in this category. I think we need him one more season, then adios.
The problem will be, how soon will Schierholtz be a strong every day ML player. We're stuck with Rowand (a mixed blessing) and let's assume Fred is set in left. Then we have an extra outfielder.
You could certainly make a good case that now is the perfect time to trade away Winn, because his value is peaking. You could be right.


Brother Bob said...

The brilliant E.L.M. weighs in on my subject matter:
"I love Freddie and hope he recovers. He’s traveled a long road to get here, with a nasty bunion on his foot, no less. Let’s hope this setback doesn’t close his window of opportunity, which is narrow for any professional athlete but more so for a guy who isn’t blue-chip.

This Lewisian uncertainty means the Giants would not only be hesitant to trade Randy Winn this winter — as Baggs notes this morning — they’d be irresponsible to do so. That might be a bit strong, but if Winn is gone, Lewis is ineffective and Schierholtz flops, what’s the backup plan? Brian Horwitz? Eugenio Velez? With Lewis’s foot, Rowand’s recklessness, and Schierholtz’s left-handedness, Winn could be the busiest and most valuable fourth outfielder in the game. The arguments for keeping him are starting to tilt the scales for me, too."
(Extra credit for the new word "Lewisian.")

M.C. O'Connor said...

Winn is at his most tradeable right now. He will never hit better than he is at this moment. This is his professional peak. Good ballplayer? Sure. Likeable Giant? You bet. Part of our long-term future? No way. We are stuck with Gomer in CF for 4 more years. That isn't Winn's fault--but it does make him expendable. Winn has to go or none of our youngsters will get a genuine shot in the outfield. The problem is that no one will pay $8+ million for an aging OF with no power.

Well, Brian Sabean will.

JC Parsons said...

I, too, must disagree with ELM and any other folk that highly value Winn. If he was a 2B or SS, he would be a hot property, but as a corner OF, he is nothing special. Granted his game is well suited for RF @ the Phonebook, but a "backup plan" would be a snap. We need upside more than consistently pretty damn good but this is as good as it gets and the defense is sure to slip. We CAN NOT let him leave without getting some value. That would be a crime.