Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zito = Ace

I've been waiting all year to use this title, and, well, better use it now because I might not get another chance. Discouraging loss yesterday in 12 innings, young Tim on the mound didn't look so good and it looked every bit like a 0-fer road trip. Just to make it worse, we matched our 16 loss pitcher against the Rox 16 game winner. Lo and behold, the Gints came out a-swingin' and Zito came out a-pitchin'. Zito gave up 4 hits in 8 innings, threw a total of 75 strikes in 123 pitches, earned 2 runs (one a Clint Barmes home run) and struck out 5. In spite of his bad, bad outing last time, he has, generally, been on an improving trend. This is important, and not because of his high salary, but because we are going to be paying his salary so we might as well get some utility out of him.

Zito last 10:
5 IP, 2 er, 2/6 K/bb (Jul 10 @ NY)
6 IP, 3 er, 5/3 K/bb (Jul 22 WAS)
5 IP, 6 er, 4/5 K/bb (Jul 27 AZ)
8 IP, 0 er, 5/4 K/bb (Aug 2 @ SD)
5 IP, 5 er, 1/3 K/bb (Aug 8 LA)
5.2 IP, 6 er, 6/5 K/bb (Aug 13 @ HOU)
7 IP, 0 er, 3/2 K/bb (Aug 18 @ ATL)
8 IP, 3 er, 5/3 K/bb (Aug 23 SD)
3.1 IP, 7 er, 2/2 K/bb (Aug 29 @ CIN)
8 IP, 2 er, 5/2 K/bb (today, @ COL)

This is not a consistent uptrend, but it bears comparison with the early part of the year (when he rang up 11 of those 16 losses). The point is twofold: 1) Zito is not the suckiest suck who ever sucked, as some have alleged, and 2) We need this guy to pitch well next year, and thereafter, if we are going to be worth anything as a team. This encourages me that he has the potential to do so.

And talk about your potential! How about a 4 for 5 with 3 runs scored for Schierholtz, 2 for 5 with a home run for Pablito Sandoval, 3 for 5 with 3 rbi and a home run for Scott McLain, and 2 for 4 with 3 rbi for Travis Ishikawa. That's some hittin'!


M.C. O'Connor said...


Figures the game I miss is the one they do the best in. Don't you love basbeball's delicious stories? The Enchanter can't beat Livan Over-The Hernandez, the sizzling Rox can't beat Barry I-Have-A Zito.

Indeed, he is NOT the suckiest suck who ever sucked. Just damn close. And we have to get production out of him, as you say. I'd be happy with the ol' 6-and-3 QS. Slightly above average. And how about those tree-and-a-turd 8-bombs, Bar? A few too many of those. Work on those.

Upwardly-trending upwardliness, that's what were seeing. Let's hope it continues.

Freddie Loo is struggling, he'll be below the Rowand Line soon. Time for The Olympian to give the OF a boost.

JC Parsons said...

Great job, mystic one!! I, too, missed this game completely. I must confess I do that on purpose sometimes when Zito pitches. What is up with that guy? Is it all about control or is it some weird mental thing? Why do I even bother asking? The dude is a paradoxical conundrum wrapped in an enigma.

HEY RON!!! Are you alive?? Still on the honeymoon??? Four of us are getting into prime form on this fine blog of ours. It would be great to get all 5 voices going at once!! Any hope???

Brother Bob said...

It was Rookiepalooza yesterday as Pablo, Nate and 36-year-young Scott McClain went off in Denver. I too missed the game but it was a "Doh!" moment for me, as I was home goofing off and didn't realize it was a day game.
Technically, Zito is actually a an enigmatic paradox wrapped in a conundrum, bro, but you were close.
MC, "tree-and-a-turd 8-bombs" went entirely over my head. I bet you got an A+ in creative writing.