Monday, December 1, 2008


The Latin word "adventus" means "arrival." This is the Advent season, where the faithful expectantly await the coming of Christmas. As one of the humble heralds of the Giants faithful, I am expectantly awaiting the arrival of our savior(s). What will Sabean Claus wrap for us this year? Will we get the present(s) we seek?

Who is on YOUR wish list?

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JC Parsons said...

Dear Sabean Claus,

Our team kinda sucks, so there are tons of things we need. I am having a hard time time picking one "present" that will propel our team to the pinnacle. It seems unlikely that there is some FA that is the difference maker, at least not one we seem able to afford. Likewise, trades are always scary, and not your best thing. So, that makes me wonder:

Is there really a Messiah that will lead us to ... that which shall remain nameless?

YES !! He is already on the team! His name is TIM LINCECUM. SIGN HIM TO A LIFETIME CONTRACT. That is ALL I want for Christmas.

JC Parsons