Sunday, February 8, 2009

On target

You want to soften me up, feed me stuff like this:

"(Living in Phoenix), I hear everybody every year talking about the (Arizona) Cardinals going to the Super Bowl. Look what happened this year. Let's go to Scottsdale and be optimistic. Maybe this is our year for the Giants. Why should that be so funny to say that?"

--Randy Johnson, in Henry Schulman's Chronicle story today.

I think I've gone on record this off-season expecting little or nothing from the MMIX San Francisco Giants. Then this guy comes along and reminds me what it is all about. I know he's older than Moses fer chrissakes, but I think he wants to prove something, and when a guy with his resumé has something to prove, watch out. I'm starting to get really excited about our arsenal of hard throwers. We are going to blow some people away, and that will be something, even if we can't hit homeruns.

Go Giants!

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Bob said...

We should be excited about our pitchers. Tim will probably just get better (hardly seems possible) Cain will (some day!) live up to his potential, Zito has greatness in him, Lowry could recover and do well, and Johnson is definitely going to win #300, if nothing else. And then there's my man-crush Sanchez, if he's still a Giant. Of course I believe he'll be a star eventually.