Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye-bye, baby!

The fabulous Giants Jottings blog is up and running for the new spring season. "Giantfan9" takes great photos and reports on things in Arizona for all of us baseball-starved folks. Here's a fine snap of our future superstar, no. 28 Buster Posey:

What's not to like?

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JC Parsons said...

I swear that I was going to post about Giants Jottings!! @#@$!@!! You beat me to it!! I love that blog. It sure was nice of him to allow photo use with credits. You also beat me to a plug on McCovey Chronicles. Sheesh.

You sure have a thing for the Poser. I don't blame you. He will be a star for many years. The onlty thing to not like is his lack of catching experience - we need his bat now!!

My heart raced to see a photo of Merkin. I sure hope he is all healthy. Spring always brings surprises; he and Phelps are my spring training shockers. Both will leave Arizona with the big club!

Glad to see MOC is ready to play this spring. I expect there will be some more weird happenings soon...