Thursday, March 5, 2009


That was going to be my secret name for ol' no. 10. Alas, they cut him loose. An overdue move after a stupid contract.

The Giants have money. Bags and bags o'money. They can overspend on no. 16 (Rental) and no. 33 (Gomer) and still have gobs to play with. They just tossed six million or so out the fookin' window with no apparent strain on the budget. The Barry Zito, whoops I mean "The No. 75" budget alone could bankrupt some teams. (There were 12 ML teams averaging payrolls over $100 million per year from 2006-2008, Giants were 13th at $94 million.)

Barry Zito is owed over one hundred million dollars through 2014. The Marlins spent about $90 million in payroll over the last three years. Total. The Rays? $120 million.

Makes you wonder. Are the Giants a bunch of bumbling fools throwing money around with no apparent purpose? Do they have a business plan? A baseball plan? If I was rich, I'd throw money at silly things like a fleet of Jaguars and attendants who kept them clean, polished, and ready to rumble. And I'd treat them like the toys they were. If I wanted a new one I'd go get it and come up with the reason later. And I'd get rid of ones I didn't like any more.

But I wouldn't run a ballclub like that, no sir.

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Bob said...

The Giants used to have a policy (this is my theory) of hiring "stable ponies" to keep Bonds happy, ie. veteran African Americans, such as Lofton, Dunston and Sanders. Roberts was the last of this line.
Seems like our team always has too many players that need to be dumped. They usually get around to doing the inevitable, but often too late.