Friday, March 20, 2009

I Love This Man

From the Giants Website:

One day after a bad-hop grounder struck him on the kisser and knocked his lips into his braces, Sandoval said he actually liked the experience.

Asked if being bashed in the mouth scared him at all, he replied, "Why? That happens. That's the game. I'm not afraid of anything. That's the way I play."

* * *

By the way he's batting .450 so far.

I may be nuts but I think he'll have a legitimate shot at hitting .400 this season. He just has "it." He plays the game with joy and it's a joy to watch him.


M.C. O'Connor said...

You don't need teeth to play baseball.

JC Parsons said...

Yes you are nuts.
But is hard not to get thrilled with this guy. And how about Guzman?? These guys are born hitters. I'm not even sure if I care that they may not be able to defend. WE NEED RUNS!!!

Theo said...

.400! you're nuts, though I like your optimism. Why don't we let Guzman start in place of Zito every fourth day and then he can just rotate around the field every other day?

Bob said...

Yeah, I'm nuts.
Here's my official prediction for Sandoval's season:
He'll bat .402 and his on base percentage will be .410. As a bonus he'll hit 28 homers. Of course he'll be MVP.