Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off Topic Topic

I am choosing not to comment at all on today's spring training game that featured Tim Lincecum. If you want to know about it, you can check this recap.

My rationale: I do not want to practice writing posts describing that type of performance. When, or if, Tim ever really truly tanks it, blows chow, coughs blood, etc. in a meaningful game, I want my written reaction to be fresh and unplanned. So, you see, I am really doing this for you, gentle reader. I just want to be the best dang blogger out there!

Anyway, here's my off topic question: How do you pick a cap for the new season? Same one until it decomposes? New one every year? Rotating stable of favorites? There must be dozens of answers to this very simple question. Share some with me. It is officially spring on Friday. I need to pick my cap before then in order to be ready for Opening Day. Don't you?

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M.C. O'Connor said...

"Rotating stable of favorites."

My game cap is the trad black acrylic/wool adjustable ("Giants" on the velcro band). Bit hot for summer wear around here, but its been on my head most days since camp opened.

I've got a white with black bill and an unusual Giants-over-a-ball-diamond logo that works great on hot days and day games. In the mix is an off-white all-cotton "jockey" style with 2003 NL West champs logo in orange script.

When it rains, I have a grey wool cap with black SF and taupe bill. I wore that to Ireland in 2001--very servicable in wet climates.

Those are just the main ones on the hat shelf. There are multiple others scattered about--some now just memorabilia, some for yard work days, etc. My old fitted New Era cap shrank in the rain years ago, it has an honored place. The black wool faded to dull charcoal after all those day games in Candlestick's bleachers.

I'm thinking I oughta buy a new cap this year.

Bob said...

My game cap is a size 7 3/8, about an eighth of a size too small. It has 3 labels inside "Diamond," "Pro," and "Sports Specialities." Made in Korea. It has eight pins on it. Two Croix, the '84 All-Star Game Honorary Croix, the 1989 HOF pin (Barlick, Bench, Schoendienst, Yastrzemski), McCovey, Perry, and 2 from '89, "I Feel
Good" and NL Champions.
What was the question again?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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