Saturday, September 5, 2009

The new 4-hit, 7-pitcher formula!

I keep throwing in the towel on Ol' Bengie, but GMF that he is, he steps up with the big game-winning bomb. That'll shut me up. I still don't want to re-sign him. But I will give credit to Ol' Boch for diggin' deep into the VSC well and conjuring up some gamerosity for a much-needed win. You have to love Young Runzler getting a 1-2-3-&-done debut, and a clutch hit by another target of my wrath, Ol' Aaron. Tell you what fellas, I'll keep up the abuse and you keep up the production.

When do we get to see Buster?

The Cain Train rolls today, bringin' some country hardball and long stretch of starts without W's. Time to turn it around.


JC Parsons said...

The Cain Train is stalled and needs to be replaced by the Cain STEAMROLLER. Time for him to seal the deal on this season, which is slipping away from him. I'm talking SHUTOUT, COMPLETE GAME type action. No excuses...or is OK that Zito is knocking him into the #3 spot??????? Can he make it through a game without giving up a homer???????? Does he want Brad Penny to take over as our STUD HORSE????????????? Should we change the name of the blog to "Rustlin' Up Runzler"?????????

M.C. O'Connor said...

Tsk, tsk. He's pitched well all year. Had a rough start against Colorado--it happens. He threw 15 innings and gave up 2 runs in 2 starts before then and got 2 NDs. I've no reason to doubt he'll keep pitching well. ("W's" are a team stat, unfortunately. Just ask Tim.) Matt had a ridiculous July (38 IP, 27 K, 1 HR, 4 ER, 3-0, 0.94 ERA). August was not so kind (0-2, 3.74, 18 ER in 43 IP), and the long ball was the culprit (7), but only nine walks, his best month in that respect. I'm not concerned about Cain, he's been tough and consistent all season.

Zito is only in the two-spot because he's a lefty--we all know that. And because he's capable of 4-inning starts like last night, he's no "no. 2" guy. Brad Penny will have some bad outings, too, that you can count on. Sheesh. I can't believe I have to defend a true Giant against a mercenary ex-Dodger.

If they ever trade Matt, "Rustlin' Up Runszler" has real potential.

JC Parsons said...

"Tell you what fellas, I'll keep up the abuse and you keep up the production"

Sound familiar? I thought it might work on Matt.
So far, so good...