Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slugfest in Chavez Latrine

The Giants survived J Sanchez' second consecutive bad start due to an offensive onslaught combined with great bullpen work.
It was a home run derby early for both teams, beginning with Eugenio Velez' leadoff shot to get the festivities started. Manny Dreadlocks got in on the fun, followed by the Kung Fu Panda.
Sanchez departed after 4.1 with the score tied 4-4. It turns out the Dodgers were done scoring for the night but our Giants had 4 more runs left in the tank. Rowand also hit a homer.
It's a beautiful thing when one of our starters can afford to give up 4 runs and the team can still get a W. Velez' contribution was excellent and it's refreshing to see Sandoval get a big hit. Since Aug 30 he had been batting .211 with only 2 RBI.
Today Big Brad penny gets a chance to SHUT DOWN the Blue Goo.


M.C. O'Connor said...

THREE homers!! THREE!! And my favorite--a three-run homer!! Wow. We ate our Wheaties before last night's game. It is nice to know the batters can pick up the pitchers now and then. Hope it continues.

I was thinkig that our youngsters made quite a contribution: Velez, Sandoval, Romo, Runzler, Ishikawa, Lewis, Schierholtz, and Wilson. Wilson in particular has been remarkably good this season.

JC Parsons said...

The crockies are struggling. This is not over yet. I like our chances the next two days with Penny and Tim...with some help we could be tied in the loss column by Monday!!!
Wouldn't it be amazing if Zo's scenario came to pass....