Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A trade proposal from Al at BleedCubbieBlue.com (http://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2009/11/6/1118100/building-a-cubs-champion-2010):
"The first order of business is to remove Milton Bradley from the premises. We have had many long debates about whether and for whom he should be traded, but I believe this is top priority for Jim Hendry and will happen sooner rather than later. Disagree if you wish, but I think the best of many not-so-great scenarios is to send him -- and Aaron Miles -- to the Giants for Aaron Rowand. Between Bradley and Miles, they are owed a total of $23.7 million; Rowand is owed $36 million. Since in doing a deal like this, you would be relieving the Giants, essentially, of $12 million (approximately) by taking the third year of Rowand's contract, Hendry should ask the Giants to split the difference and pay half of Rowand's 2012 contract, which would split the total dollars (approximately $60 million) between the two teams, about $30 million each.
This would also accomplish equalizing the 2010 payroll -- or come close -- to what Bradley and Miles would have been owed ($11.7 million) and what Rowand is owed ($12 million). I think the Giants would be willing to do this, because you are taking $6 million off their 2012 payroll, while leaving their 2010 and 2011 payrolls where they are now, since Bradley is owed $12 million in 2011.
I concede that Rowand has had two pretty poor offensive seasons in San Francisco (at least in part due to injuries). But in 2007, he had a fine hitting year in Philadelphia, and I believe that he has at least a chance to return to that level in Chicago. If you were looking at the possible acquisition of Rowand in a vacuum, you wouldn't do it -- but the necessity of removing Bradley from the team makes this probably about the best way to accomplish that. At best, this could turn into a Hundley-for-Grudzielanek-and-Karros sort of deal."

So what do you think? Would you be willing to risk a petulant Milton Bradley to replace a gamery Aaron Rowand? Bradley has been a major leaguer for 10 years, has hit over 20 hr only once and hit 19 once. .277 avg, .371 obp and .450 ops (Rowand: 9 years, 2 with 20+ hr, .280, .339, .448). Could Bochy handle Bradley, and vice-versa? Would he likely be able to find success and fit in with the Giants? If you think this is a possibility, would you throw in some cash as Al suggests? Or would you just do Bradley for Rowand straight up and tell the Cubs to stick it?

Me, I think Milton Bradley has more potential than Rowand, but I can't see it, even if the cash were not "equalized." Just not enough upside in the career stats to make it an attractive deal. I don't know if Bradley is a head case, or has some issues that are going to re-appear over and over. But in spite of a better obp, where I see the only significant difference, it is the devil you know against the devil you don't know. Aaron Miles - could be a back up, but we got guys for that. Aaron Miles does not create an incentive.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Bradely has the worst rep of any player in baseball, but I could give shit about stuff like that. Bradley, when he plays, is a better player than Rowand. But he's injured a lot, and never puts it all together. If he'd slug over .500 for a year (600 PA), he'd be worth it, even paying Rowand's full salary!

But I'd avoid this deal. There's no real upside. The net gain isn't really there. The Cubs want to dump someone, so naturally they think of Brian Sabean and the Giants! Screw 'em. Let's make a deal based on what WE need, not what THEY need.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Warning: OT

Does anyone else get the heebee-jeebies when they go to the website and see an uber-prospect out on bail and a superstar copping a plea?

Enough already! Angel: do the crime, do the time. And if it wasn't you, spend your bonus on the best fucking lawyer you can get. And good luck. Tim: Dude, leave the freakin' pipe next to the bong at the bachelor pad! We already gave one stoner dimwit a billion dollars, we ain't doing it twice. It's a bitch, but if you want $100 million from the Giants you'll have to drop the Spicoli schtick. Love ya, pal, but this is the big leagues, OK?

Bob said...

The upside to Tim's bust is that it probably gives the Giants a discount at negotiation time.

Ron said...

'No' to Milton Bradley - really - what does that give us??? He is a complete lunatic, not just a guy with a 'bad rep'. And, as Mark says, he is injured a lot (wasn't one of his recent injuries caused by one of his lunatic rants?).

We did the whole Tim Lincecum Tour last weekend - drove up I-5 through Vancouver, WA (didn't get busted); hung out right next to the Husky Baseball Stadium. Well, actually, we went to Seattle for a Rowing Regatta, but we did do those 2 things in the process.

JC Parsons said...

MOC: No heebee-jeebies here. Actually those types of "incidents" smack of a winning organization. Criminals can be great athletes too. And Superstars forget rules. I figure we will see plenty more of this crap due to our new emphasis on prospects and youth.

I'd keep Rowand. Not enough reward for the risk.

What do you think of this: shift Rowand to RF (or LF if his range is decreasing) and see how Nate does as a CFer.

Zo said...

Let's make a deal based on what WE need, not what THEY need.

I agree, and well said. If they want badly to be rid of this guy, make it worth our while to take on whatever emotional downside he brings. Aaron Miles don't cut it.

Does anyone else get the heebee-jeebies when they go to the website and see an uber-prospect out on bail and a superstar copping a plea?

Yes, and no. Yes, although there are apparently some real questions on the uber-prospect's involvement in the shooting. Bail is supposed to impose a sufficient monetary disincentive so that the suspect will reappear for trial. What worries me is that the victim's family has apparently decided to drop the charges, allegedly for payment. The amounts in the articles suggest that they are a small part of Mr. Villanoa's $2.1MM signing bonus. We have a deeply held belief in this country that everyone is treated equally under the law. Of course it isn't true, I think one thing that separates Americans is the belief, whereas in other countries, they just assume that there are different standards for different classes of people.

Also, as I remember it, the original article said that Tim was charged only with speeding because the amount was too small. So I was confused about why he needed to plea bargain at all. In any case, I agree, time for Tim to grow up. He can still be charming if he wants but can the teenage behavior. And please, skip the heartfelt and/or phony apologies. I don't care if you mean it or not, I just don't.

On the other hand, no. It is just life. It says more about our pathological obsession with celebrity than it does about anything else. How much should I sweat because some 24 year old guy gets pulled over for speeding with 3.3 grams of pot in his car? Jeez.

Zo said...

I think Nate is too valuable in RF because of his arm.