Saturday, December 5, 2009

JV squad for you, Buster

The Brian Trust has decided that Buster Posey will start the year in AAA. Maybe. That is, most likely. In Sabespeak (via Extra Baggs): "That's our lean now. We haven't crossed that bridge yet." So, like, they are almost mostly sure, OK? I'm down with that, you know? I'm all about Veteran Savvy Clutchness and Gamerosity. And whatever Buster has, it ain't that. Hell, does he even shave? How can you be grizzled if you aren't even shaving? This time, I'm not going to knock the Brian Trust. They know what's best. They spent a couple of cases of coke money on this fella, and if they think Fresno's the place for him, then by gum so do I. Just because some hotshot 22-year old Golden Spikes winner and first-round draft pick thinks he's the shit doesn't mean he is. Who cares if this top-tier athlete with a superb pedigree wants to strut his stuff in The Show? Who does he think he is? The fookin' Six Million Dollar Man? This wet-behind-the-ears-punk don't know nothin' and the sooner he learns that the better he'll be. The nerve of that guy--building up the fans' hopes and all. Listen Mr. Junior Varsity, just because you're the best hitter in our system in the last twenty years doesn't guarantee you a job. This is a meritocracy--you have to earn your way to the bigs, Buster. And never mind what that David Pinto guy is saying.


Ron said...

I feel like unloading, so here goes.

2 recent occurrences in baseball underline what a joke the Giants' organization is relative to the professionally-run teams with which we are supposedly competing.

The first is this absurd nonsense about Buster Posey starting the season at Fresno. What a fucking joke. He has nothing to prove there. In the short term, he would certainly do no worse than any of the chumps that they are talking about signing (Brad Ausmus ... please ... he should be Posey's back-up). In the long term, with the right opportunities & frame-of-mind, he is a McCann-to-Mauer-like talent - i.e. a superstar. With their thinly-veiled plan to postpone his arbitration eligibility, they are risking making him sick to the point that he won't be able to stomach sticking around this 2-bit franchise any longer than he absolutely has to.

The other underlining occurrence was the Red Sox signing of Scutaro. I'm not the world's biggest Scutaro fan, & I certainly do my share of complaining about the Red Sox / Yankees / Mets & others just throwing money around, but that was an example of a shrewd team with a good plan bringing a vital piece at a reasonable price. Everything about that signing looks smart & professional.

When do we get to see smart & professional? Not while Sabean & Bochy are there. Is Neukom part of the problem, too?

I am not looking forward to the 2010 season. I think that we all know that we are going to just suck offensively again. If our pitching stays healthy, then we'll do just enough to keep people buying tickets, without accomplishing anything tangible. That, in a nutshell, is the SF Giants plan. Woo ..... Hoo.

Zo said...

"The other underlining occurrence was the Red Sox signing of Scutaro.....but that was an example of a shrewd team with a good plan bringing a vital piece at a reasonable price. Everything about that signing looks smart & professional."

As did the Edgar Renteria signing last year about this time. But it turned out to be too expensive given the market. Now Sabean says he wants to wait for the market and gets....dumped on.

Let's face it, this is simply good, clean Sabashing, it really doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do. Not offering Molina arbitration and looking for a second tier catcher is a clear indication that Posey is slated to be catching for the Giants. There are no other minor leaguers, including Bumgarner, and a bunch of guys who played on the team this year, that have that clear a path to a major league job laid out for them.

Chill! It is the time of year to see the froth on a bowl of warm, whiskey-laced eggnog, not mouths.

Ron said...

How you can compare this to the Renteria signing is beyond me. Here are the facts:

Renteria - coming off one of his worst offensive years, when we signed him; signed for much more money than Scutaro; never the greatest fielder.

Scutaro - coming off his career year (including OBP & walks); signed for less money; always been a superb fielder.

And still not one good reason why Buster Posey should be in Fresno - there is no good reason.

Still frothing.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ol' Sabes deserves whatever we dish out. He over-reacted last year to our SS hole and got burned when he WAAAAY over-paid over-the-hill Edgar. League average, that's all I ask. OK, I'm over it.

This year he's "learned" not to do that. Bully for him.

I liked the Uribe and Affeldt pickups--low risk, good chance at success. VOILA! Both paid off. Let's hope he can do that again.

The Buster thing is BS. Sign a backup--fine--but give Buster the job. He's our best prospect since, well, TIM. And our best hitting prospect since Clark/Williams.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Oh, and how about a creamy Irish coffee?