Sunday, June 20, 2010


Freddy Sanchez is posting an .824 OPS (.336/.397/.427) over his 29 games this season. Lifetime, he's a .300/.337/.416 hitter (.753 OPS). Entering today's game he'd hit 38 HR in 3070 PA, and that works out to 1.2%. That makes him twice the HR-hitter of the Padre Pest, David Eckstein (0.6%), and about half as good as a league-average HR-hitter (2.4%). Naturally that meant Freddy would deliver the big bomb in today's satisfying win. FSanchez' career ISO** is .116, and his 2010 ISO is well below that (.091). It's no surprise the homer was his first of the season. Another fella from the Big Book of Brian, scrap-heaper Pat Burrell, added his first road-HR as a Giant as the sleeping bats awoke (NINE runs!) to bash the Jays. At this rate, I'll have to start a "What Sabean's Done Right" series. As long as the lads win, I'll eat crow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Great bullpen work (Bautista, Mota, and Romo) bailed out a befuddled Jonathan Sanchez after 2-2/3 and 73 pitches. A still-struggling Affeldt had to get help from Wilson in the 9th, but a six-run cushion does wonders for your chances. Let's hope we can stomp all over the Astros, they are one of the worst teams in baseball.


**from Bay City Ball's glossary (emphasis mine):
ISO - Isolated-Power. A measure for how much “true” power a player hit for. Because batting average treats every hit as a single, ISO removes BA from SLG to give you an idea of how much power a player hit for. The formula for ISO is (SLG-AVG). League average ISO tends to be around .150. For example: Barry Bonds’  a career ISO is .309


Brother Bob said...

Sometimes parenthood backfires on you. My daughter Maggie decided we had to go see Toy Story 3 together so I missed the fun part of today's game. All I got to see was J Sanchez performing a big mental meltdown. Well, I did get to see Huff's homer.
It's way too easy for J Sanchez to get flustered- an error, or a close ball/strike call.
What are you gonna do?

Anonymous said...

I think that we just need to be patient with him. He reminds me of a young Randy Johnson. Randy too had such potential but was inconsistent. He's looking much better than he did at this time last year. Besides, maybe those walks and stuff finally woke up the offense. I saw him grinning when he walked off the mound. He planned it all along.