Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nothing works: Dodgers crush Giants, sweep series

The Dodgers came to town and did everything right. The Giants were over-matched in every department and got swept by a team they were--by record--equal to. LA, like San Diego, clearly has our number. Listed below is SF's record vs. LA since 2003, the last time the Giants were in the playoffs. Starred years ** indicate the Giants finished ahead of the LAtriners in the standings.

2003: 13-6**
2004: 9-10
2005: 10-9**
2006: 6-13
2007: 8-10
2008: 9-9
2009: 7-11
2010: 1-5

That's 63-73 or .463 ball. Since 2006 it's 31-48, or .392 ball.

I was happy to see Aaron Rowand get a single and a homer against Vicente Padilla. Otherwise, I was happy when the game was over and I didn't have to watch.


p.s. Here's some of the media shite the Giants churn out so we'll think there are grownups in charge.

p.p.s. Month-by-month breakdown: April 13-9, May 14-14, June 13-14. Run difference (RS-RA): +36 for April, -1 for May, and 0 for June.


Anonymous said...

This was the first game that I actually shut the television off while it was still going on. I'm really tired of seeing this so much. I didn't enjoy turning it off, but, I knew what was going to happen. And of course Rowand does good in the leadoff spot, another error caused while Dirty is pitching, and we score 2 runs. I wish Sabean and Bochy could just leave and we pickup a seasoned manager and start playing with a consistent and best lineup available everyday and make it to the playoffs (just like the Rockies last year). Maybe a general manager who can recognize healthy and preferably fast players who can play well in this ballpark wouldn't hurt either. What is this, the fourth straight lost series? What pisses me off most is that we lost to those blue fuckers. Everyone is in a collective slump but rather than wait it out, why not just pick up a player or few and make sure that we don't get into an extended one again?

I try everything. Wearing orange and black, praying, cursing and giving the middle finger to the tv, bench slapping my computer, but nothing.

Anonymous said...

Good news. According to MLB Trade Rumors, we're apparently in "serious discussion" with the Rangers about a Bengie Molina trade. Even if it's just a rumor, I feel much better after hearing about it.