Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patient Tim

The Astro's and Roy Oswalt must be sick of the Giants and Tim Lincecum. Of course, they have a whole boat load of things to be sick of this season. For the third time in this young season, Lincecum (8-2) earned the victory - 8 innings, 0 earned runs (lowering his ERA to 2.87), 7 hits (one double), 2 walks, and 7 strikeouts (a league-leading 113) against the tough luck Oswalt. Even though he fell behind early, largely due to defensive failures, Tim never let it get away. The key example came in the third when Tim deflected a single into a double-play. He had great velocity but an erratic curve so I wouldn't call it dominating, especially against a team that is openly rebuilding. Oswalt was dominating however - several innings with fewer than 10 pitches thrown. It looked bad...like Tim was going to get barely out pitched and failed by his team-mates...but then... wait... wait...

Actually you have to wait through until the top of the seventh and one of the best at bats, pardon me, plate appearances, of the year. Of course, I refer to Juan Uribe's 25th walk of the season (that ties last season): eleven pitches which finished off with 6 fouls and two incredibly close takes. Once Burrell delivered the goods (that was our only RISP at that point), it was a new life for Tim. And he responded with an 8 pitch 1-2-3 bottom of the seventh that seemed to seal the deal.

Isn't it great when patience is rewarded?


M.C. O'Connor said...

That was a great PA by Uribe--it turned the whole game around. Man, I hate close games. I want to win 6-1!!! I don't want to squeak into the playoffs, I want to crush the lowly pretenders on our way to total league domination!! Alas, we aren't built like that.

Tim was a beast, I'm happy to report.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was watching; I was too busy graduating 8( but afterward I checked out the gameday on my phone and saw that we were losing. I didn't see until later, however, that we made a few errors and stuff. Glad that we won. Timmeh needed that. He went deep, gave up no earned runs, solid 7Ks with only 2BBs and a few mostly weak hits, worked through errors and shit; all around proof that Timmeh is love.

Bob said...

Congratulations, A. Why the 8(?
Graduating from what? Middle school? You're a man(?) of mystery.
My high school diploma turned yellow and disintegrated into dust a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

The New Jersey Man of Mystery? I like that. It's not that I was 8( from graduating, it's that I was 8( from what I was doing afterward. And, I am sorry for your loss 8(