Thursday, June 10, 2010

Road trip ends, road trip begins

You get 13 hits and 8 walks you figure to score some runs. Six, though, wasn't enough. The Reds caught a bit of a break with Wellemeyer having to leave the game, as Denny Bautista wasn't sharp (2 walks, one to the pitcher leading off, 2 solid hits) and had some wretched luck as well (2 infield hits, one a blown bunt). The 4-0 lead was suddenly a 4-4 tie.The G-men fought back and reclaimed the lead, but the Reds got to Guillermo Mota, who's pitched well this season, and they managed a split. A 4-3 road trip is damn good, it's just that it should have been 5-2 with a win today. Alas, this one got away. Nice to see Buster get two hits, the 7th time he's done that in 12 games. Rest seemed to do both Aaron Rowand (HR, walk, 2 runs scored) and Bengie Molina (2 hits, RBI) some good. Aubrey Huff keeps raking (.381 wOBA), and Juan Uribe keeps walking (20 with 3 today, career high 34).

Speaking of road trips, that's what's ahead. We are going southward to see family, friends, and Giants baseball. We'll be in section 109 on Monday the 14th, and in section 139 on Wednesday the 16th when the Giants play the Orioles. It's a battle of the orange-and-black squads. If the rotation holds it is Jonathan Sanchez on Monday and Tim Lincecum on Wednesday. Wish us luck we get to see them both!

Keep the faith, lads, I'll be back in due time.




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Zo said...

Giants: 3 GIDP w/ bases loaded. One of them was Wellemeyer, but still: 3 GIDP w/ bases loaded. I love the line from the Chronic this morning that refers to Rowand, Molina and Sandoval as, "the slumping three."