Monday, June 21, 2010

Rumors and etc.

The Giants supposedly have an "interest" in KC's David DeJesus, according to D.J. Short of Hardball Talk.

Giant-beater Edwin Encarnacion has been cut loose by the Jays (h/t Baseball Musings).

I think the Giants have to be buyers at this point. Not necessarily either of these guys, but opportunities like this are going to arise as the season continues. The team is in contention and the race will only get tougher. There's only a brief window to win in the cruel, hard world of MLB. Considering that the San Francisco club has never won the Big Prize, I should think the team ought to go all out for this season and next. Spend, trade, deal, claim, whatever. Get it done. Get the bats we need to win big. No more dinking around for 4-3 scratch-and-claw wins. Score 6 runs a fucking game with our staff and we'll and run the table with ease.



giantsrainman said...

According to Fangraphs the Giants Bats and Gloves combine for the third highest team WAR in the NL at 11.3 trailing only the Red and Cardinals at 12.2 and 11.6 respectively. The positon players are not where we need to upgrade the most.

The two biggest holes in the Giants roster are the 5th starter and bridging the gap between the starting pitcher and Brain Wilson.
Filling these two holes are when the Giants need to focus their trade deadline efforts to maximize both their chance to reach the post season and succeed once they get there.

Anonymous said...

Let's not be hasty about trading the youngins. I think that everyone seems to forget that you won't always score a lot of runs a game. Even the Yankees don't hit like the Yankees every night. The biggest problem as said by this first commenter is not even about the hitting, it's our pitching. Yes, we are pitching pretty damn good, it's too bad that the #5 starter still brings the rest of the rotation's numbers down. The bullpen at times can be simply beautiful (like the last game with Denny, Romo, Mota, etc.) or really ugly (like Jeremy lately 8/). We just need to bring up MadBum, and maybe not even get some new relievers. Let Romo, Runzler, and all of those guys fall into a role and maybe that's all it takes (Wilson's been doing fine since falling into the closer role). Simple, cheap, safe, effective. No need to play desperate when overall the team is playing well.

allfrank said...

I also do not subscribe to the "big bat" theory. Sure every team would be better if you could add Bonds. Or Kent. Or Burks.

- What this team needs is to replace the 0-7 that automatically comes from the 7-8 hole (Rowlina).

- What this team needs is to move Posey to C, Huff to 1b, and Schierholtz to RF. Bingo, improved speed, base running, defense, OBP, and SLG. The drop of in gamerism will go unnoticed.

- If we were to get really radical and go with small money changes, we move Bochy upstairs, and give that stack of blank line-up cards to Wotus. And, you know what, we won't have to suffer through 21 swings at sliders in the dirt.

JC Parsons said...

Looks like the general Giants vibe (based on these excellent responses and the Haft article this morning) is to get pitching help and not another hitter. I know that won't make MOC happy...unless the pitcher hits 3 run homers. I have to agree with the crowd, as I've said from day one, it is all about PITCHING!!! I have been singing this for years and now look at the league, especially our division. Personally I like our chances with what we have. Four big reasons: Tim is going to get back in the Cy Young race starting today, Romo and Runzler will settle in to give Wilson support, MadBum will help the #5 spot soon, and we have enough depth in offense to survive (eg Rowand can pick up when Torres slows, Sandoval improves when Huff and Sanchez slow, Posey heats up again, etc.)
The next big injury will be the difference maker in our division, not a trade.

M.C. O'Connor said...

We seem to agree that the current squad is "not quite enough," that is, we are one or two players away. I think Joe Martinez could handle the no. 5 spot until MadBum gets a call-up. Affeldt's struggles have highlighted a hole in the 'pen, but those are usually the easiest spots to fill.

My concern is the outfield. Rowand is a bench player--at best--at this point (he'd be DFA material if it wasn't for his contract). Schierholtz (who I like a lot, but . . .) is slugging .365, even lower than last year's .400. Burrell is not an everyday player anymore. I think we ought to look for an everyday OF with a little pop.

Regardless, you have to like the season so far, the starters have been brilliant, as good as any group I've ever seen. I hate the close games--there's too much chance involved in the outcome--and would like to see us score more runs. Alas, that may never happen. Outside of Posey (please let him catch) there's no new help on the way. Maybe Sandoval can get his groove back and that can be the extra "O" we need.

Zo said...

I love "Rowlina." What is more boring than Brangelina and hits for less power than Thumbelina?