Monday, October 25, 2010

The F.O.

My 2003 Media Guide includes several prominent members of the Front Office that were there then and remain part of the organization today. Brian Sabean (GM since 1996) now reports to Bill Neukom instead of Peter Magowan, but is still at the reins. Magowan is still a Principal Partner. Team President Larry Baer is a San Franciscan (and a Cal grad)--he started with club in 1980 as Marketing Director! He returned in 1992 as part of the new ownership group. San Francisco native Dick Tidrow (1994) is still the Vice President in charge of Player Personnel. Bobby Evans--now head of Baseball Operations--also came on board in 1994 as a minor-league assistant. Modesto product and San Francisco State grad Matt Nerland has been with the club since 1991 and was Director of Scouting from 1996-2008. He's now a Special Assistant. Jim Davenport and Felipe Alou are not only original 1958 Giants, they are both ex-managers. Davenport played his entire 13-year career in San Francisco. Both are Special Assistants. Davenport's old teammate Jack Hiatt is a Senior Consultant and former Director of Player Development. Joe Lefebvre, with the club since 1996, swapped his uniform for a Senior Advisor job. His high school teammate was Brian Sabean.

Fred Stanley (Director of Player Development) is in his 9th year with the team. Scouting guru John Barr is one of the newest members of the team (only his 2nd year). Since he is credited with the Posey draft, he gets a nod, eh? The Giants won the pennant because they assembled all the right pieces via drafts and trades. This crew deserves some credit for that. Thanks, guys. You did a hell of a job.



Anonymous said...

I gotta say, although Sabean and Bochy have done plenty of crap, they've got huevos. It takes some real balls to draft guys like Timmeh with that crazy delivery, sign guys like Aubrey and make him the cleanup hitter after an awful season, trade Bengie, sit the two highest paid players on the team, etc. There are a few songs that I really think tell what kind of year this has been:

Nice tunes. Go Giants!

Ron said...

Nice songs!

Mark, the last few days have seen you fawning about steady pitching & praising the Giants' management. This is going to be quite an adjustment for us. A little bit of 'the old Mark' (Mr. 3-run Homer) would be OK, too!

M.C. O'Connor said...

"Fawning" is undeserved praise, spewed by sycophants intent on furthering their own advancement. It is a variant of "ass-kissing."

When a team goes to the World Series, you give credit where credit is due. The players did their jobs, the managers and coaches did their jobs, the F.O. people did their jobs. As a fan, I appreciate that.

And you never have enough 3-run HRs. In fact, the only place (offensively) the Giants matched the Phils and Rangers this season is in HRs hit. We are going to need some HRs to help us in this go-round, just like the last go-round.

SIR said...

Mid 2002 I wished to 'go' to the World Series for my 50th BDay. I was there on my day, we lost that game, and...I was still happy cause I got my wish.

When MOC turned 50 I secretly wished for him that he would get a WS 'win' for his years.

I am not going to be happy if we just try - we must 'Do' it this time!

Loved the PSanders tune Frank - inspired me!

Ron said...

You have interpreted my comment as in conformance with Merriam Webster Definition #2 of 'to fawn' (implicit of sycophants & so on). Actions corresponding with Definition #1 are what I was noting.

Merriam Webster Definition #1:

Fawn - to show affection.

Merriam Webster Definition #2:

Fawn - to court favor by a cringing or flattering manner.

While we are lavishing praise, how 'bout that Mike Murphy? Full World Series share, for sure!

Sue, I agree, this is a must-win situation. For Mark, & for all of us (in the global sense).

Anonymous said...

@SIR: Yeah, that's what I've been thinking about for a while now. I'm glad that it inspired you - to do what, I don't know lol. It would be nice if they could win for M.C. He deserves it; all you guys deserve it. I still feel bad that I wasn't around before the 2009 offseason. I feel like my commitment has yet to be tested. Well, I guess seeing my favourite player go through a sophomore slump is the closest thing that I have to a test. I'm still here and I love Pablo even without a .330 BA w00t!

I have just one question. Who are you...SIR?