Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go Giants: Win! Win! Win! Win!

Four more wins for glory, me buckos, four more wins. Can the lads pull it off? Why, of course they can. They've won 7 of their last 10 games against two tough playoff clubs. They've played great baseball and I see no reason why they can't continue to do so. It's a crazy world where a grueling, six month war of attrition is settled in a week of frenetic, knockout play. We all know anything can happen. We all know that the baseball gods are petty, peevish, and cruel. Too much of what happens is up to them, frankly, and that's awfully hard to take. But I'm confident about the Giants. This team has been loose and relaxed, playing without nerves or fear. I like that. I think we all agree that the San Francisco championship drought has gone on long enough. It's time to strap it on and win four more games and bring home the Commissioner's Trophy.





Ron said...

OK - so, this morning's good omen was that one of my fellow Teachers agreed to swap Classes with me on Saturday - the last piece into place, freeing up my schedule to watch all 7 games (if necessary). It was a nail-biter for the last few days, as she was the last resort, because the other 4 Teachers were unavailable on Saturday afternoon.

The bad news this morning is that Zo has a day or two more in the Hospital, but, hopefully, things will improve even more soon, & he'll be home before Game 3, at the latest. We're with you, Zo-meister - going crazy for you!

It's not official yet, but Extra Baggs predicts no roster changes at all. So, I hope to see Mota come in to pitch a couple of innings in Game 3, after the Giants take a 10-0 lead, but because Jonathan Sanchez pitches 4 2/3 innings, calls Bochy out to the mound, & tells him to take him out (due to some 'pretend' injury), because he'd prefer Mota to get the win & share some of the glory (& the workload). That's my only specific prediction of the Series.

Win! Win!! Win!!! Win!!!!

Brother Bob said...

Ron, I like the 10-0 lead after 4 innings part, but taking a W away from JSanchez just so Mota has a nice moment is too hilarious. If that specific prediction comes true it will be one for the ages.
Did Mota throw a single post-season pitch?
JSanchez should be fresh, he came out of that last game awful quickly. If he's not completely back on his A game it's highly unlikely the Giants will win both games 3 & 4 in Texass. If he's dealing like usual, it's a sweep, no question.